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Combat Games on the Blockchain

The Kill Box: Arena Combat

The first half of 2021 was dominated by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their corresponding marketplaces. Initially, a crypto-related entity housed within the Ethereum network, the wildly popular digital asset gained popularity, dominated headlines, and became prominent.


Trading NFTs fueled by a surge in consumer demand, spurned an increase in the number of marketplaces to satisfy the ever increasing consumer appetite for digital collectibles. What was originally pioneered by WAX is now being dominated by Opensea. In August, the Opensea platform handled over 300 million transactions in a single day.


More astonishing is that the second half of 2021 is now being dominated by blockchain games and the metaverse. Captivating headlines from the success of Axie Infinity, whose impact has led to a surge in P2E and F2P communities, is primarily responsible for a new income-generating model. Other games like Cryptoblades and Alien Worlds have also been successful. It is worth noting that the revenue earnings from these games have become a source of livelihood for people in low-income countries.


As a result of this, Indie studios and gaming outfits have found fundraising opportunities within the crypto community. A variety of games are being offered. One very interesting category gaining momentum lately is that of the action/combat variety.

The Kill Box is a 3D first-person shooter (FPS) that utilizes blockchain technology and virtual reality within a metaverse to create a thrilling, real-time P2E, and PvP gaming experience. The game is action-packed with some graphic violence and offers multiple options and team-up opportunities.


Offering an interactive 360-degree arena combat experience with VR capabilities, the Kill Box game offers users a variety of gameplay options with reward opportunities. Unlike the typical process of startups raising funds within the crypto space to develop games utilizing blockchain technology, the Kill Box has been in play for over 5 years. The game is available on mobile devices (available on both iOS and Android devices).

Android Play Store Screenshots

For the Android OS, there are 3 versions of the game available with a total of over 1.2 million downloads so far. The Kill Box game has hit over 100 million downloads and reached 1.65m, global users, within 5 years. At one point it was the No. 1 most downloaded game and peaked at the 56th position on the best sales list.

Globally, the game has 51% 1-day retention rate (higher than industry standards) and a 21% 7-day retention rate. Native operators meticulously design game activities to accommodate local consumption habits. In-game characters and scenarios are specially designed based on different countries and cultural customs.


The integrated blockchain functionality are the NFT weapons and accessories with unique styles and abilities. Metaverse functionality will be added to expand the game’s audience and capabilities.

Elite squads can be assembled with the opportunity to trade in-game NFT weapons (grenades, AK-47s, swords). Featuring action packed weekly challenges, a variety of matches, and a lottery system for the distribution of crypto prizes, the Kill Box will most likely appeal to fans of legacy shooter games like Call of Duty.

Chest System Weapons

Players can battle against others in a 6v6 format, or work together to complete missions, raids, and battle bosses. Defeating enemies in-game gives players access to treasure chests containing NFT weapons, skins, wearables, and other utilities. The chest earned is dependent on the weapons used during battles. These items can offer improvements on existent equipment, and thus increases the capabilities of your character.

NFT Weapons Upgrade

Collecting multiple NFTs of existing equipment allows you to synthesize your items and upgrade to higher-quality equipment. Players are inserted into a large map where opportunities are available to purchase plots of land and build armories.

Armories serve a vital purpose as they are needed to store weapons and tactical equipment. The bigger the armory, the more land required to sufficiently contain large quantities of weapons. Armories and land can be monetized by renting them to other players to earn passive income.

An Armory

Players who do not have an armory have limited space to store their weapons. Building or upgrading an armory will require a certain amount of tokens in addition to the acquisition of land.

The developmental plans for a metaverse will cover:

  • trading and leasing of lands
  • trading and leasing of armories

Players will have the ability to create their own weapons, maps, modes, and characters. Guilds and alliances can be formed, which operate as their own mini-economies with special perks. Guilds can participate in wars against others, go on raids, buy and sell items amongst each other and more. There will be 5 different guild tiers and a max of 200 Guild locations. There will be only guild-leader per guild, who earns a percentage of transactions fees based on items traded between members.

The native token on the Kill Box is $TKB. The token will be used for:

  • Transactions
  • Trading in-game items (including NFTs)
  • Opening chests within the game
  • Upgrading armory
  • Trading and leasing of in-game lands
  • Fixing equipment and gears
  • Equipment synthesis

In summary, the Kill Box features a combination of the major trends that have dominated the crypto landscape this year: NFTs, gaming, and metaverse. It is an established game with a current user base in the millions. It will take advantage of blockchain technology and offer gamers NFT opportunities for weapons, lands, and trading.


About The Kill Box

The Kill Box is the first FPS game on-chain where players can assemble elite squads to help them battle against other players in order to earn rewards in the form of in-game NFT weapons.

About X21 Digital

X21 Digital is a leading blockchain advisory and investment firm specializing in developing innovative tech startups. The team has successfully invested in several prominent crypto startups.

X21 has an investment track record within the crypto gaming sector. Our investment in ROCO Finance continues that trend as we see blockchain technology as a core component in the future of gaming.

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