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The All-in-one Blockchain Gaming Solution

Prospective gaming startups have continued to display increased interest in blockchain technology. However, this is no surprise given the array of benefits that they stand to gain from immutable transaction ledgers, to savvy users, funding raising opportunities, in-game currency, and community building.

Blockchain technology has also provided a channel for indie studios and creatives who rely on it as a lifeline for actualizing ideas and developing projects. However, there are obstacles prevalent in the process of procuring funding.

Geographical barriers are a deterrent that hamper talented developers from gaining access to adequate funding. Also lacking are viable tools and resources that would aid in the development process required by the independent gaming studios to develop a product appealing to consumers.


In the 2019 article by mobiledesignapp uk, there were 7 major challenges highlighted that affect mobile game development. It was noted that “game development is a daunting task and requires a lot of time, money and patience. The support of a reliable app development team whether it is for marketing purpose or bug fixing purpose can greatly improve your stagnant gaming app.”

To address this concern, ROCO Finance has developed a GameFi platform that offers customized blockchain services to game developers, content creators, and player communities. It is also an incubation haven for prospective gaming developers and independent studios.

Aptly put by Avaxholic in a recent tweet, ROCO Finance “is the first project that aims to unite game developers and player communities with the [play to earn] philosophy via [Blockchain].”

The Avalanche blockchain network will be primarily utilized for the ROCO Finance ecosystem and partner games. Developers will be able to take advantage of low network processing fees as well as the speed of the AVAX network.


The ROCO Finance ecosystem consists of a rich embodiment of resources such as:

ROCO Starter

This is a startup platform on the Avalanche network that empowers promising projects and guarantees fair participation for users who want to invest in new startups at early stages. ROCO Starter is an IDO platform with a goal of promoting promising game projects at the seed and incubation stage. It organizes IDOs for partner companies to meet and invest with masses of players.

Stake Pools

Stake pools offer users the opportunity to earn passive income with the ROCO token. There will also be an option to stake tokens from other game projects.

NFT Market

NFT services will be curated to game developers and player communities for the management, distribution, and exchange of virtual items. Players will have the opportunity to transfer their in-game earnings to real-world values, or exchange real-world values into the game, and grow their digital wallet for real value while playing.


To incentivize liquidity for the ROCO token, farm pools will be provided to allow users to earn ROCO by staking LP tokens.

Software Development Kits (SDK) and Applications

ROCO Finance provides open source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, game add-ons, virtual items management applications, and a payment systems platform service.

Mobile Wallet

A convenient storage wallet for crypto assets.

The ROCO Payment System

$ROCO is the primary facilitator of payment within the ROCO Finance ecosystem. All games powered by ROCO Finance will have $ROCO integrated into their game. Players will be able to transfer and use their in-game currency across different game platforms.


In addition to the resources listed above, ROCO Finance has been steadfast in the development of games and has successfully partnered with RISE ONLINE.


Rise Online

Rise Online is the first game endorsed by ROCO Finance. Created by Rokosoft Studios, it is a MMORPG style game and will take advantage of blockchain technology to enable users to earn crypto assets within the game.


With over 100,000 users worldwide and a well established fanbase in Turkey, Rise Online will launch its closed beta version on October 29th.

Rise Online has been in development for over a year. An alpha version was released last year running on Real Engine 4. There has been a few updates such as Alpha 2.0 released earlier this year.


When you defeat monsters in the game, $ROCO tokens are earned. Players will also have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars worth of $ROCO tokens at Boss Events. $1 million worth of $ROCO tokens will be distributed to game players per year. In addition, earning opportunities via the integrated play to earn feature include:

  • Token Rewarded Missions
  • Battle Rewards
  • Boss Events
  • PVP Tournaments
  • Clan Wars

About ROCO Finance

ROCO Finance is pioneering a decentralized platform for the financialization of video gaming. Utilizing blockchain technology, a suite of features and services such as NFT solutions, applications, fund raising, and payment systems are available to assist game developers, content creators, and player communities.

About X21 Digital

X21 Digital is a leading blockchain advisory and investment firm specializing in developing innovative tech startups. The team has successfully invested in several prominent crypto startups.

X21 has an investment track record within the crypto gaming sector. Our investment in ROCO Finance continues that trend as we see blockchain technology as a core component in the future of gaming.

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