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X21 Digital and Argo Partnership

The X21 Digital team is pleased to welcome Argo to the family. Our strategic partnership and investment in Argo bolster our interest in blockchain development and dApp deployment services.

ArGo is a one-click web app deployment service and hosting platform that offers developers a convenient 2-step process in deploying any front-end app online. It offers developers and programmers the opportunity to conveniently upload and integrate any front-end application online.


Argo is built on top of the Arweave platform, thus ensuring that user data is stored securely and permanently online. It is a censorship-resistant decentralized web hosting platform.

In addition to providing a one-stop solution for integrating a dApp online, Argo addresses the problems faced with apps on webstore platforms such as:

  • Hidden fees
  • Removal of the web app from platforms
  • Broken links (404 web errors)

There are currently over 250 registered users (mostly developers) and over 300 dApps deployed on the Argo platform. The platform utilizes Jamstack framework which offers developers a better cost-effective experience.


Argo recently announced an integration with Polygon, bringing the Argo smart contract applications to Layer 2. This ensures that developers can take advantage of lower network fees and avoid the congestion issues associated with some widely used platforms.

$ARGO is the native token for the Argo ecosystem and is required for all payments, services, and functions. It is also a governance token required for voting. Discounts and staking will be available for $ARGO holders.

About Argo

ArGo is a decentralized deployment and management platform for modern javascript applications and static websites. It offers users the convenience of deploying static apps with minimal pricing on a global scale with just a few clicks.

About X21 Digital

X21 Digital is one of the leading blockchain advisory and investment firms involved in the development process of innovative tech startups. The team has invested in several prominent blockchain companies.

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Website: https://www.argoapp.live/
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