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#iDO Industrial Digital Operator for LIME industry

Digital Operator help you everyday

The Industrial Internet is leveraging the power of big data, to create a new generation of digital workforce that are predictivereactive and able to communicate with each other and with us.

To attend its duties, X4LIME created a digital workforce equipment with a set of Digital Competence, in the sense of the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and strategies, that are required when we are using Information and Communications Technology and digital media.

Today we are moving one more step ahead, one step into the future of work, introducing #iDO the first industrial digital operator for lime industry.


iDO provides comprehensive predictive monitoring across all critical equipment.

It’s always with you, on your smart phone, tablet, PC, … or even on your smart-watch and he is ready to assist you during your working day.

And the more you use iDO, the better it knows what you need at any moment.



The first set of digital competences are the INFORMATION and DELIVERY COMPETENCES, that, in a digital word, are mainly conveyed though a set of mobile notification.

THUNDER NOTIFICATION are addressed to analyse and deliver instant information on plant status, performance, production.

SFERA NOTIFICATION are focused to analyse and deliver predictive information on product quality, plant production, maintenance, emissions.

Aside the mobile notificatin, REPORTs are also automatically built and deliver focused Insights on plant behaviour



The second set of digital competence, are the iDO operational knowledge and skills.

Through iDO we can have:

  • a complete, exhaustive and interactive window into your cycle process data directly on your mobile devices. (MiLIVE)
  • a complete task management to reach specific assets goal (MiTASK)
  • we can Connect Team and worldwide industrial experts to create a new collaboration context: the Global Brain. (MiTWIT)
  • and finally we can deliver technical specification and real-time information of QR-coded equipment in the field. Now, operators no longer have to watch screens while sitting in a control room. Instead, the right operator can collect or receive the right information and instructions at the right time and place, on his own device.(MiTAG)
  • a mobile feedback terminal allows user and followers to report any information related to work environment or asset performance, making easy to understand and improve working experience at office, workshop or site production plant form all employees and followers.(MiADD)


The last set of digital competences is the set of iDO abilities and skill that are required to build knowledge, effectively and efficiently.

Through iDO analytical skills we are now able to:

• Increases the Plant Availability by preventing Unplanned Downtime (ZERO)

• Optimizes the Fuel injection saving fuel and energy required by the combustion process (ABACO)

• Analyze the Plant Inlet and Outlet to optimize the process in terms of Quality (PURO)

• Minimizing electrical consumption to maximize efficiency (AERO)

  • Keep an eye on safety with dedicated monitoring and notifications regarding specific equipment, plant area or process phases! (VITA)

Call him #iDO it will do it for you !

© Created with ❤ by X4LIME 2021




you can buy LIME production facilities or you can BENEFIT from the WHOLE effective, sustainable & digital EXPERIENCE of PRODUCING LIME.

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