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#iDO — Industrial Digital Operator — in action


Efficient digital optimization enables higher production

JSW Steel relies on #iDO Industrial Digital Operator, which supports the efficient lime production of its Dolvi works in India.

Synthesis 120 PRF lime kiln by QualiCal

#iDO Mosaico Industrial Digital Operator provides comprehensive predictive monitoring across all critical equipment plus key balance-of-plant equipment. Talking to iDO is an easier, faster way to get things done.

#iDO, the first Industrial Digital Operator powered by X4LIME is full involved in JSW Steel Ltd lime production experience of tis Dolvi facilities, India. Through its MOSAICO-X operational and analytical skills #iDO is supporting the efficient lime production, a key factor in the overall steel production process.

JSW Steel Ltd is expanding their Dolvi works by additional five million tons per year capacity with a new steel melt shop, which JSW ordered from SMS group in the end of 2017 and is now under commissioning.

At the same time JSW Steel Ltd have entrusted in QualiCal with a prestigious order of 4 x 600tpd Synthesis_145 PFR lime kilns for their expansion project at Dolvi.

#iDO analytical competences

Within the competences is the set of iDO abilities and skill that are required to build knowledge, effectively and efficiently

Through #iDO analytical skill we are now able to:

  • Increase the Plant Availability by preventing Unplanned Downtime (ZERO)
  • optimize the Fuel injection saving fuel and energy required by the combustion process (ABACO)
  • analyze the Plant Inlet and Outlet to optimize the process in terms of Quality (PURO)
  • minimizing electrical consumption to maximize efficiency (AERO)
  • Keep an eye on safety with dedicated monitoring and notifications
    regarding specific equipment, plant area or process phases (VITA)

About X4LIME

Within the LIME domain X4LIME brand operates, driving individualized, precise and effective lime industry outcomes.

X4LIME, as an independent digital business, have flexibility to pursue future growth opportunities, react quickly to changes in the lime industry, investing in digital innovation.

X4LIME promotes the FUTURE of WORK, driven by the meshing of the digital and the physical workforces.




you can buy LIME production facilities or you can BENEFIT from the WHOLE effective, sustainable & digital EXPERIENCE of PRODUCING LIME.

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