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Prompt update on BESHAY Steel Lime Kiln Operating condition

What did our team find?

While conducting weekly MOSAICO Performance Reliability Services on SIC 500 tpd PFR Lime Kiln operating at Beshay Steel (Egypt), X4LIME Team promptly highlighted to all plant followers, at site or connected in remote, a change in PLANT OPERATING CONDITION.

What was the trigger for this analysis?

Analysis was possible thanks to #iDO, the Industrial Digital Operator working within Mosaico Digital WORKSPACE.

#iDO collects and monitor continuously all the STATUS change related to this asset, sending timely and precious information related to ongoing situation, thanks to its INFORMATION and DELIVERY competences for which was previously instructed.

What was the value to the customer?

Timely informing right person, in right place support the proper understanding and action of all the involved team from site to remote ones!

Thanks to visibility on aggregate insight made available in the MOSAICO WORKSPACE, the plant followers can benefit of higher level of information, no more needing to be present at site to get known on what’s going, but grab information on plant status wherever they are.

These important insights allowed field operators as well as plant manager to be fully aware of situation and take decision to timely deal on what really matter and act for future schedule without loosing time on searching for information already easily available thanks to a connected plant.

Edoardo Cella — X4LIME and DIG:ITA CDO

“What traders and plant operators have traditionally lacked are comprehensive, timely and accurate data and tools that provide an integrated single source of truth to make sense of it all. Only with a complete picture of the operations, maintenance, and actual capability of a plant, coupled with market and environmental conditions, is it possible to make decisions about dispatch that maximize revenues. ” — Edoardo Cella — X4LIME Team Leader.

Digital Transformation for Sustainability

MOSAICO workspace aims to upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability. This is GOAL 9.8 of the Global Goals 2030.

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