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Stop boring your audience with wordy presentation decks — start using these 15 alternatives today

What if you could model a presentation after your favorite childhood game?

A coffee cup sitting next to a laptop showing a virtual Zoom meeting
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People around a conference table watching a male speaker give a presentation
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#1— Celebrate with a case study

#2 — Share lessons learned

#3 — Propose a hypothesis

A computer screen showing a snippet of programming code
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#4 — Perform a live demo

#5— Host a mini hackathon

Snake and Ladders board game with a rolling die on it
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Multimedia & games

#6— Film a video or documentary

#7 — Model it after your favorite childhood game

#8 — Create a customized trivia game

#9 — Have a debate

A computer screen showing a data dashboard with results and a line graph
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#10 — Provide an industry data comparison

#11 — Show a static data visualization

#12 —Build an interactive data dashboard

Woman pointing at colored post-its on a whiteboard in front of a group of people with laptops at a conference room table
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#13 — Teach a hands-on learning workshop

#14 — Moderate a one-on-one interview

#15 — Assemble a multi-guest panel



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