BeachTech is eating the world ;)

By XAnge

Like the sand in a seaside house, the rising tide on a full moon night, no one can stop the insatiable appetite of BeachTech entrepreneurs!

IoT, Hardware, e-commerce, marketplace, Apps, AI, AR/VR, the BeachTech will make the most of any technology to satisfy vacationers at the edge of the burn-out who barter their smartphone against a connected swimsuit — it’s just an example ;) …

It’s simple, BeachTech is everywhere, and no one can escape from it anymore. With a market size equivalent to the global GDP, it tackles all our needs: transportation, experiences, entertainment, memories, socialization, … (see mapping)

So if you’re a BeachTech entrepreneur and you feel (unfairly) forgotten, it’s here:

Happy holidays to all the crazy startup world …

PS. SnowTech entrepreneurs, don’t panic, your turn will come ;)