Homerez, to make the most of the Airbnb economy

by : Victor Charpentier

Homerez is raising 7 million dollars, and this makes us very proud. We love the product, the team and the path they are taking. Seventure tagging along just makes it better.

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

Leaders on a growing market

Here’s a simple reason why we’re investing in Homerez for a new round — not only that, but also raising our share in the venture: the team has done an absolutely brilliant job at building a European leader on the market of vacation rentals.

What convinced us when we first met the team was the classic combination for potential: a good product, great people, and the will to fight. 4 years on, Homerez serves over 10 000 loyal customers all over Europe. All this with 100% in-house technology : they are all set up for a steady growth.

A great tool to boost rentals

Rachel, Kamal & Loïc left Booking.com to launch Homerez in 2014. More houses available, increasing competition were making it harder for people to promote their ads across the world. Homerez helps home-owners and property managers boost visibility and revenue for the houses they rent. The platform works for them, posting their ads on multiple websites, translating them in the local language, optimizing the price depending on targets, etc. The software is plugged to all the important players in the industry (Airbnb, Booking, Homeway, Expedia, etc.), as well as local ones to extend reach and catch global customers for its users. More money in, less time spent on the job.

So you’re a leader. And then what?

Hard work and opportunities, that’s what’s next. Homerez needs to consolidate its leadership and it needs to scale. The ambition is to reach over 50 000 new customers in the coming years, and we know they have what it takes to make it.

With the funds raised the team will focus on commercial efforts and external growth : there are many interesting products and actors on the market, some of which could become partners. The team will also have opportunities to work on product optimization, with efforts on scalability, flexibility and overall product quality.

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