Predictive cardiology will save lives, with Implicity

By: Guillaume Meulle

Digital & healthcare make a great pair. Combining data with the world of cardiology, Implicity helps doctors work more efficiently, eventually saving lives. We’re very proud to co-lead their €4M seed round, along with Serena Capital & Cap Décisif Management.

Healthcare needs productivity

There are many next big things to come in healthcare and medicine. For us, it’s all about productivity. Time better spent on diagnostics, care and follow-up: this is what we need. The trend is deep, widespread and inevitable. It concerns all medical fields.

If you follow us, you know how determined we are to support this shift in mentality. We recently invested in Gleamer, who’s making the most of AI to automate all the simple tasks of medical radiologists. The impact on their productivity and accuracy is huge.

Implicity follows the same philosophy applied to cardiac rhythmology. We are investing in a company that makes it easier for cardiologists to monitor the data generated by their patients’ pacemakers. By doctors, for the doctors. The startup’s product already has a direct, measurable effect on their capacity to operate. Of course, it will also benefit all the people whose lives depend on the quality of their work — virtually any of us.

Who’s keeping up with pacemaker data?

Close to no one, really. When 50% of the devices could be tracked remotely, only 2% of cardiac electrophysiology doctors declare monitoring their pacemaker-equipped patients in real-time. There is a reason for that: monitoring data that comes from different device takes too much time. Each of them (Abbott, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Microport & Medtronic, all included in Implicity’s solution) has its own way of processing & presenting patient data. For a doctor, to keep up with 5 different data sets is a nightmare.

Implicity aggregates this data and presents it in a unified way that is easy than ever to follow. Doctors love it: it allows them to keep a good eye on their patients, not losing anytime in the process. It’s safe and it already works very well. Implicity already equips cardiologists in 20 hospitals, who now monitor over 10% of patients whose homes are equipped with transmitters.

With the funds raised, the team will have commercial power to implement their solution around France, in Europe, and hopefully soon enough in the USA, as a FDA approval is pending.

The next step is predictive medicine

There’s more to it. Founders Arnaud and David are taking the company on the path of predictive science. Their plan is to work on the data and develop algorithms that will help doctors go a step further in monitoring — and enter the age of predictive for heart failures. Cardiac deficiency is still one of the leading causes of death around the world, and the impact of predicting (before preventing) will be huge. This is a true moonshot. And We’re VCs, remember? We aim for the moonshoots.

We’ve known David and Arnaud for a long time now. They are an amazing team. Arnaud is a cardiologist with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. David, the CTO, is a serial entrepreneur with a broad range of skills. Add our co-investors to the picture, and you know we’re in for a great ride : Serena Capital’s digital expertise, CapDécisif track record on healthcare, our own experience with Saas, digital & healthcare. This is going to be exciting.