Welcome To The Jungle is on a mission

Oct 28, 2019 · 4 min read

By: Manon Gazzotti

How to stay one step ahead. After setting the standard in the recruiting industry, Welcome to the Jungle keeps building its leadership around new experiences and services for its partners. Being part of this €20 million Series B round, along with Gaïa Capital and Bpifrance, makes us very proud. What a journey!

I’m always impressed when a startup doubles in size, and still manages to keep its identity intact. For many teams this is a huge challenge — one for the great startups. WTTJ’s headcount grew from 50 to 130 since last year’s Series A, and it went through that phase brilliantly. What’s their recipe?

  • This is a team of equally humble, creative and dedicated people who recruit equally humble, creative and dedicated people.
  • Engagement in the projects is strong, and turnover is close to nonexistent: people who join WTTJ are here on the long run.
  • Diversity and inclusivity matter : their job might be sales, tech or content, everybody here is necessary, and on board, wherever they come from.
  • WTTJ filed for B Corp this year, a label for companies who lead the way in building a sustainable and inclusive economy that works for everyone. That this project was initiated and led by the staff says a lot about their engagement and mindset.
  • The unique brand and products they created along the years make this startup very special.

Simply put, they’re doing a job that matters. Welcome to the Jungle helps people build great careers and businesses develop employer branding in a highly competitive space. It plays a key-role in the balance of power between supply and demand : qualified talent has be scarce for a while now. To become (and remain) attractive, businesses are forced to get creative and up their branding strategies. WTTJ does that. And it does a great job at it.

What a pace!

  • Opened offices in Barcelona and Czech Republic (through the acquisition of competitor Proudly) — thus setting foot in local markets where demand and culture are specific.
  • Launched an inspirational paper magazine that everybody loves to read, at home or at the office.
  • Launched Behind the Code, and awesome blog platform dedicated to developers.
  • All while diversifying the client-base, which now ranges from brand new startups to global corporations and public administrations.

A few years back, the industry wasn’t sure if there would be a market for businesses like WTTJ. Would HR departments invest on recruiting and onboarding solutions? Would they even have the budgets? Clearly, the answer is yes. Over 2 700 companies have a paying profile on the on the platform right now. Whether they search for candidates, or to optimize their onboarding and overall recruiting culture, businesses need a partner like Welcome To The Jungle. At XAnge, it’s become our only tool for recruiting and onboarding. And we love the inspirational content!

The augmented marketplace

We like to think of it as an augmented platform, a marketplace boosted with all the media, inspiration and branding necessary to bring the right people together: i.e. qualified candidates and dynamic businesses. When they subscribe, companies pay for much more than a recruiting service, or even a good tool. They have their ticket to join the Club.

From our investor perspective, this is strategy at its best. Bulding the platform that people will want to join because that’s where everybody is : this is one of the best possible entry barriers on a market. And a great way to build leadership. It was one of our strong arguments for investing in Series A, and it’s still true to this day.

It’s not going to stop

Jeremy, Bertrand and their teams never cease to amaze us. In just a few years, they completely transformed the employer-branding game, managed to stay one step ahead of everybody, and kept true to their original ideas and identity. This is very impressive. We’re excited for what’s to come !


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