Introducing Taguchi San of Xank’s Advisory Group

Today, we want to introduce Mr. Taguchi Yoshitaka, or Taguchi San as we like to call him. Taguchi San is a member of Xank’s advisory group who brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience from Japan.

Taguchi San worked at JSPMI (Japan Society for Promotion of Manufacturing Industry) Technical Research Institute under METI (Ministry of Economy and Trade Industry), researching the first 7-axis with simultaneous 5-axis NC Machining Center with FANUC.

Taguchi San worked at MDSI (Manufacturing Data Systems Incorporated) in Ann Arbor Michigan, TSS company as MDSI Japan CEO to cover the Asia Pacific including Australia, India, Taiwan, and Korea. MDSI was later acquired by Schlumberger (SL).

As VP of EDS Japan, Taguchi San started EDS Japan to support Nissan Technical Center and was account manager of GM Japan. He also started Gartner Japan and worked as its first-ever CEO. He then acquired Deta Quest and managed both Gartner and Data Quest.

About Taguchi Yoshitaka

Technology sector insider with 30+ years of experience. Former VP of EDS Japan and CEO of Gartner Japan and attended Tokyo University of Science with M.E. degree.

About Xank

Xank is a decentralized, meritocratically governed, self-funding, free-floating cryptocurrency with stablecoin functionality. Unlike other stablecoins, the Xank price is subject to market forces and offers investment value while also providing stablecoin functionality on a per-transaction basis. As the ecosystem grows, the Xank self-funding treasury will go beyond funding protocol maintenance to fund projects that are urgent, impactful and meaningful to our lives.

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