What are the requirements for Cryptocurrency mass adoption? — Infographic

I believe that cryptocurrency will take over fiat currency sometime in the future. For that to happen, I estimate that all cryptos will need to possess the following metrics:

  • Stability — can the network achieve price stability, either through network design or price stabilizing features?
  • Scalability — can the network perform a payment settlement in a few seconds, even under a large-scale and sustained network load?
  • Privacy — are network users given the right tools to achieve adequate levels of anonymity and fungibility?
  • Decentralization — can the network’s governance remain independent from coercion and collusion by central authorities or major stakeholders?

Here’s my system in a matrix infographic for comparing the network’s characteristics against other cryptocurrency networks. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please note that what each crypto’s claims and my analysis of it may be different and I could be biased toward Xank since I’m the creator, but these are the reasons why I’ve started Xank project.

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If you want to download an interactive PDF version of this infographic, download it from here.

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