Curriculum Vitae

Xavier Mirabelli-Montan

Brighton, UK


Senior Drupal Developer, Travel Nation; Brighton, East Sussex, UK

April 2018 — Present

Senior Drupal Developer, miggle; Brighton, East Sussex, UK

August 2017— April 2018

As a Senior Drupal Developer, my responsibilities have extended to technical consultancy of the products I’ve created. I have recently performed multiple health checks where I’ve provided direct recommendations to clients about improvements that can be made to their sites. These recommendations have also often meant performing migrations to one of our PaaS providers.

Drupal Developer and Product Manager, miggle; Brighton, East Sussex, UK

November 2015 — August 2017

In addition to my Drupal Developer role, as a Product Manager I was responsible for creating a series of products and services to improve miggle’s offerings and visibility. I created basic and advanced health checks both of which allow miggle to assess sites against common pain points Drupal sites face. One of the common problems we at miggle were facing was how to support or assess existing sites. Using our health checks we gain a score that identifies 6 different areas which will be difficult to support or problematic for the site. I also created a hosting product to ensure we are able to offer the best hosting for the requirements of our clients. To do this we setup partnerships with the top 3 Drupal PaaS providers and also have an on premise option.

Drupal Developer, miggle; Brighton, East Sussex, UK

November 2013 — November 2015

As a Drupal Developer at miggle, I was tasked with building a series of Drupal 7 and our first ever Drupal 8 site. With a large range of skillsets, I was able move with the needs of the projects when needed. In my role as Drupal Developer I completed various front-end tasks (themeing, CSS/Compass/SASS, JS/jQuery), back-end tasks (Drupal API modules, OOP, API integrations), site-building (translations, IA, configuration), and DevOPs (hosting provision, support and maintenance). I was project lead and an integral team member on a series of site builds and support contracts including Think Nation our first Drupal 8 site and an Acquia award winner.

Lead Developer, Alpha Wave Media; Lewes, East Sussex, UK

July 2013 - October 2013

In July 2013, I took on the roles and responsibilities of Lead Developer after my predecessor left. As Lead Developer, I was required to perform the same development duties as before but also make executive decisions around the technical solutions we implemented for our clients. I was also responsive for supporting a plethora of legacy sites which the company had built before I joined and which utilised a wide range of different technologies. Additionally, I was required to mentor and manage a team of interns whom assisted me carry out the tasks at hand.

Developer, Alpha Wave Media; Lewes, East Sussex, UK

October 2012 - July 2013

Developed various websites the meet the specific needs and desires of each individual client. Each is developed on top of, but limited to, the Drupal CMS and Wordpress allowing clients to edit their content in the future. My role as developer requires me to use modern web technologies such as PHP, Javascript/JQuery, and CSS alongside extensive knowledge about Drupal and Wordpress to create dynamic and engaging sites the meet the needs of the clients. In addition to making websites that are compatible with outdated browsers, I am learning about new standards such as new versions of Drupal, Wordpress, CSS3, HTML5, and the Kohana PHP framework.

Owner/CEO, White Sky Web; Brighton, UK

January 2011 — Present

Created company to provide inexpensive and user-friendly web presence for non-profits, small businesses, and educational institutions using Drupal themes. Duties include: Managing server; installing and configuring Drupal CMS and Moodle LMS; creating Custom Themes; Photoshop image editing; creating original content and websites. See portfolio of websites, attached. In my latest project, I am creating a SAAS product (also will be released open-source) that fetches the issues with Drupal installations and reports them to the users. In this project I am using the Drupal API, Kohana PHP Framework, and Twitter Bootstap.

Remote Support/Bench Tech/Onsite Tech, dmi Networking Solutions; Santa Rosa, CA

September 2011 — September 2012

Provided remote telephone support to clients and help them solve their issues. Also served in the capacity of a Bench Technician, which required me to prepare all systems before installations and ease technicians’ processes. My duties as Bench Tech also required me to complete maintenance and physical repairs for computers and servers. Also served as backup on-site Technician and assisted in several on-site installations and provided emergency service to down/crashed systems.

Online Marketer, Sonoma Academy; Santa Rosa, CA

January 2012 — September 2012

Hired by Sonoma Academy to create a new web-based marketing campaign for prospective students. Edited hours of digital video footage in a format to answer Frequently Asked Questions from prospective students. Created an interface targeting 12–15 year-olds, for easy access to videos of FAQs. Worked with the Head of Marketing and Head of School to ensure adherence to Sonoma Academy’s integrity on the web.

Intern/Production Assistant,; Petaluma, CA

July 2010 — December 2010

A paid internship primarily carried out July-September 2010 and on call during school year. Duties included: creating Drupal CMS pages for variety of shows; uploading video to website; editing “teasers;” focusing and adjusting cameras and microphones for show transitions; testing audio and video quality; greeting guests; and assisting show hosts.


University of Sussex, Brighton, UK — Studying Music Informatics, September 2012 — September 2013

Santa Rosa Junior College (University), Santa Rosa, CA — Equivalent of Minor in Music, January 2006 — December 2012 (Intermittent)

Sonoma Academy (High School/College), Santa Rosa, CA — High School Diploma, September 2007 — June 2011 with independent study focus on IT and web design.


These are available upon request.

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