Another Part in XBN Ecosystem

As you has been 1 year since the birth of XBN.Finance on BSC and a lot of development has happened.

Today, we would like to announce another step to strengthen XBN.Finance: XBN DAO.

What is XBN DAO?

XBN DAO is a Fund managed initially by XBN team and will be transformed into a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in future. XBN DAO’s mission is to create intrinsic value for XBN holders through different mechanisms: (1) DeFi Farming (2) AI Trading through a partnership with FutureFund Ventures .

The Profit from these activities will be used to Buy back $XBN from Market and Burn in order to increase its price in future.

Current State of XBN DAO

Currently, all XBN DAO is used to farm $CAKE to get more $CAKE and buy back $XBN from market at this contract:

Total DAO Treasury in $CAKE: 3390 $CAKE ~ $27120

Plans to Increase Value of DAO and XBN Price

Currently, all $CAKE are staked at Pancake Pools with APY ~ 60% and all earning is used to buy back $XBN from Market automatically.

Our plans:

  • Move the 1006 $CAKE in Dev Wallet farm into new high risk & high return DeFi protocols to increase earning
  • Create new Bond(s) to sell $XBN in order to get fund for operating a Trading Bot from FutureFund, all 50% profit from bot operations is used to buy back $XBN and 50% profit is used for compound returns.



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