The $XBG Presale is Coming Soon

Connor Kirsten
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2 min readFeb 5, 2024

We are excited to announce that the $XBG Presale is coming soon. This is your last chance to purchase $XBG at discounted terms and play a role in the governance of XBorg and its ecosystem.

Over the past two years, we have made incredible progress on our mission to empower the next generation of players.


  • September 2022 — The XBorg Prometheus NFT mint sold out in 25 minutes and $450,000 was raised.
  • October 2022 — Strategic round raise of $1,000,000 via business angels from FaceIt, Aave, Ethereum foundation, ESL, YGG & more.
  • March 2023 — Team BDS partnership announcement and start of GamerBase and Esports fan apps development.
  • June 2023 — $2,000,000 community seed round rapid sell out.
  • January 2024 — GamerBase launch, Ninjas in Pyjamas partnership announcement and Steam, Epic Games, Riot Games and Blizzard integrations.
  • Upcoming — Bigger esports team partnerships and fan app launches.

We are developing an ecosystem of applications that allow players to create their gaming identity and utilise it to unlock a new world of opportunities. The biggest esports teams, gaming brands and communities are choosing XBorg and building on top of their gaming credential infrastructure. Onboarding millions of players and fans into Web3, empowering them to create their gaming identity and providing innovative experiences.

To double down on our product momentum and to align with our community-centric values we are hosting an $XBG Presale to scale our ecosystem and further involve players in the governance of XBorg and its future.

To secure the best terms for the $XBG Presale you will need a Prometheus Chestplate NFT:

  • 1,111 Prometheus Chestplate NFTs will be airdropped to XBorg Prometheus NFT holders
  • 1,111 will be free-minted in February

If you are interested in participating in the $XBG Presale and free-minting a Prometheus Chestplate NFT, register your interest here to be considered for a whitelist spot and lock in your $XGB bonus. Stay tuned as the terms and dates will be announced soon.