XBorg and Team Liquid: Revolutionising Fan Experiences with Player Identities

Our unique player identity protocol helps world-leading esports organisation Team Liquid power the next evolution of its fan experience platform.

Connor Kirsten


We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with Team Liquid, one of the world’s most iconic and successful esports organisations, to revolutionise their industry-leading fan platform with our player identity protocol, integrated with the Sui blockchain.

At XBorg, we aim to empower the next generation of players by building applications that unlock personalised digital experiences, opportunities, and rewards based on players’ gaming and social activities. We are redefining how players navigate their digital world, truly rewarding them for their time and effort spent gaming and socialising.

XBorg and Team Liquid have joined forces to help fuel the next evolution of fandom. We are transforming their existing platform by integrating our player identity protocol with the Sui blockchain, adding a seamless, web3-powered technology that unlocks all-new experiences for Team Liquid fans. This includes customisable avatars, increased personalisation, digital asset ownership, and faster reward loops, which are further enabled by Sui’s instantaneous transactions and user scaling.

“Team Liquid is constantly pushing the boundaries for innovative fan experiences and thus, we are thrilled to work alongside them to bring their vision for the next generation of Team Liquid fandom to life using our technology,” says Louis Regis, CEO and Founder of XBorg.

Team Liquid is set apart from other esports organisations due to its unique mission: to forge a global fandom that celebrates creativity, mastery, and kindness. They aim to be the team, the organisation, and the fandom that redefines competitive gaming.

As part of this fan-first approach, Team Liquid introduced a first-of-its-kind loyalty platform in 2020 designed to reward fandom and engagement: Liquid+. This built-in-house platform functions as Team Liquid’s online stadium for its fans, where over 125,000 users can complete quests, earn digital and physical rewards, follow Team Liquid’s matches, and connect with other fans. Through years of feedback and focused research, Team Liquid identified a need to evolve this platform by incorporating digital items as a key enabler of fan self-expression, personalisation, and enhanced rewards.

XBorg will help power this evolution by enabling Team Liquid fans to customise a unique avatar that takes the form of Blue, Team Liquid’s beloved mascot. This avatar will empower users to express and showcase their personalised fandom while unlocking more rewards and new experiences to deepen the bond between Team Liquid and its fans.

“XBorg’s protocol is a key part of the next evolution of our fan platform and helps us connect even more to our most important audience — the passionate fans who cheer for our players and support our teams,” says Bo Kryne, Vice President of Product at Team Liquid.

Founded in 2000, Team Liquid is an esports pioneer and has laid the foundation upon which much of the industry has been built. They have over 100 athletes competing across 19 distinct games, including all major esports titles, such as VALORANT, DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS 2, Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and more. Team Liquid is one of the most successful esports teams in the Western market in terms of competitive achievement and fan engagement across multiple sports.

Stay tuned for more information and details over the next few months. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on together.