A Progress update on XCAD Network 2.0


In summary, we’re proud to say everything is on track in terms of our plans. We still have the majority of Crypto YouTuber coverage ahead of us, and of course the huge mainstream YouTube promotion from all the announced, and unannounced tokenizing Creators, we still have a very exciting stage of Q4 ahead of us. Read in more detail below.


Works flawlessly, feedback is excellent so far after UX improvements, and rewarding users has been 100% successful.

To do before Round 5 (Retail usage):

  • Better wallet management, making crypto terms and actions more friendly to newcomers.
  • Fiat gateway deal to be finalised. (Users need to be able to buy XCAD directly with a debit card, instead of jumping through hoops with exchanges). KYC/Legal is being addressed here, as the fewer things a user has to do the smoother it will be.
  • Most fiat gateways use funds from the company’s treasury and actually have no impact on the market price. We are working out a method which will be buying off the market when someone purchases with a fiat gateway (We’ll set the price above market price). This is far better for token holders & the XCAD community.
  • Welcome Tutorial/Tool tips on getting started on first use.

Round 2 & 3 Update:

Round 2 is taking longer than expected, so far we’ve seen a video from CMTopDog and a brief mention from AltCoinDaily. XCAD has engaged with multiple crypto YouTubers to discuss and show the XCAD plugin, however, due to the current market state, you can imagine the backlog they have on promotional content. We do have a number of Influencers around the globe covering XCAD already in the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled, you should start to see these drop soon!

If you missed CmTopDogs video you can check it out here


Although round 2 is taking longer than expected due to a backlog with the influencers, we think it’s very important to start round 3 to gather further feedback. As of next week, information will be posted on a new golden ticket round, how it operates and how you then use your golden tickets to get access to the Plug-In. You can be the first to #Watch2Earn.


XCAD Launchpad is almost ready, we are in the final stages of development. Once this is complete the launchpad will undergo auditing internally and externally, both on the tech and the logic/economics of it. We will announce details, including the date & the first creator to be offered on our launchpad later this month. You can read more about CLO’s and how deflationary they will be here — https://medium.com/xcademy/introducing-creator-liquidity-offerings-clos-7b12f2f63e66

Creator announcements

As posted on our various announcement channels, Creator announcements will start to make a return in November. We have already announced YouTubers with over 84m Subscribers combined in Q3, we will build on this at some point in November.

You can find our Q3 Creator Recap here- https://medium.com/xcademy/xcad-q3-creator-recap-3ea4478c90af


We announced our exciting ambitions regarding the DEX & the news surrounding dXCAD at the start of this month, which was incredibly well received by the community. We’re finalising the economics of dXCAD and will notify people shortly of how to qualify for it and the full economic breakdown. The DEX is ready and will shortly go live only trading XCAD, dXCAD and USDT to begin with, followed by the first creator token.

More information on DEX & dXCAD: https://medium.com/xcademy/introducing-dex-changes-dxcad-token-airdrop-and-further-deflation-of-the-xcad-token-a01eca25ebe1

XCAD Staking & LP Farming.

We recently launched a new LP farm on Uniswap and also a tutorial on how to enter the farm.

You can find the tutorial here- https://medium.com/xcademy/how-to-farm-xcad-on-erc20-bsc-lp-32c2773d4c4c

We have extended Ascendex single asset staking, however reduced the APR to only 20% as we are looking to reduce the XCAD Inflation as we approach our launch.

LP Staking on the Zilliqa chain will launch on Wednesday the 10th of November.

To the moon!