An update on progress & a message from the CEO


The XCAD team has successfully launched the XCAD DEX, in under 7 days the TVL has reached $36m, making it the leading DEX on Zilliqa for TVL. For a project with just over 100m market cap & considering DeFi is just one of many fields we’re covering, we feel having a TVL of $36m is extremely impressive. The CLO was scheduled to launch on the 31st of December, however we decided to give the devs the night off with their family instead of rushing to get it released. The goal was to launch this a few days later, however with the TVL rapidly expanding on the DEX, the opportunity to lock up XCADs off the market, along with implementing community feedback (positive but constructive on how to improve the DEX), became an obvious priority to us, so we decided to make a few front end DEX changes before launching the CLO. However, most of the changes are in progress, and we’re in a position to launch the CLO very soon. We will follow the steps we have for the DEX, with the CLO, then Plugin.


As mentioned above, we have become the leading DEX by TVL on Zilliqa, this is just the start for us. For many projects, a DEX is their main value proposition, for us it’s just one part of the ecosystem. More listings are coming, with more single asset pools, and a ton of projects bridging from ERC20 to Zilliqa. dXCAD will also have more token utilities announced soon, more on this is covered below.

Single asset staking

Multiple single asset staking pools with different rewards and lock-up times are ready to go live shortly.


Final token metrics and further future utility will be announced next week. We’re working on a few cool things for dXCAD.


As mentioned in the summary, the CLO pad is about ready for release, but we are just holding it back while we change a few final things on the DEX! We will then roll out the CLO pad and start taking vital community feedback on the platform, and how best to improve it. The Pad will launch very soon.


We launched the golden ticket round, this was very successful but came with some feedback which is greatly appreciated. We will release the feedback to the public and are making a few changes to the plugin, it works very smoothly in terms of functionality, with just a few UX/UI changes. There’s a major possible partnership in discussion, which is related to the plugin that you may see in the near future.


Everyone loves new exchanges, the XCAD team is in talks with multiple exchanges regarding listings, so keep an eye out. That’s all we can say for now!

Final words from the CEO

Market conditions and roll-out.

To the moon!