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How to Swap, Trade & Provide Liquidity on the XCAD DEX

What is the XCAD DEX

The XCAD DEX is a Decentralised Exchange built on the Zilliqa network. It will be the hub for trading Creator Tokens, while also a DEX for the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Where to Stake?

The XCAD DEX offers multiple staking pools both for liquidity pools & single assets. The currently available pools are shown in the image below.

LP Farms:

The reward token for all LP Farms is dXCAD. dXCAD is the reward and governance token for the XCAD DEX, it will have further utility which will be announced soon. Rewards can be claimed once a day after every epoch, or they can be left to accumulate allowing you to claim at any time. dXCAD can be traded and can also be staked in the single asset pools to earn other ZRC-2 token rewards!

Single Asset:

Single asset staking on XCAD is extremely easy, you just stake the asset by itself and you earn a reward! Please note that there is a 10 day lock on all single asset farms, there is also a 20% burn fee if you choose to unstake before the 10-day lock is up.

What is dXCAD?

dXCAD is a governance and reward token for the XCAD DEX, it’s an essential component of the DEX ecosystem. dXCAD can also be bought and traded on the XCAD DEX, as well as being staked as a single asset to earn other tokens as a reward. It will have far more utility, which we will be announcing soon.

How to use the XCAD DEX:

The XCAD DEX currently runs on the Zilliqa Blockchain. This means that you need your tokens on the ZIL network in order to Trade & Stake on the XCAD DEX. There are currently a few ways on how to get your tokens on the ZIL network which can be seen below.