Introducing Round 1 Of Golden Tickets! Early access to the Plug-In

Be one of the first to start earning Creator Tokens!

We’re pleased to announce the first round of golden tickets! Below you will find information on how to acquire the first batch of golden tickets. Don’t worry if you don’t get a golden ticket here, as there will be many ways to earn these tickets, announced every 2–5 days (Although access is granted in stages, this being a stage 1 ticket). This is just batch 1 of Golden tickets, out of 5 opportunities to earn.

Please note: One golden ticket can whitelist one account, accounts or tickets cannot be shared with other users.

This batch of golden tickets will be the first allowed access to the Plug-in, which will mean if you get one you will be one of the first to earn, they will be redeemable in 2–3 weeks.

How to obtain a golden ticket from batch 1:

  • Add LP on Uniswap by adding USDT and XCAD (Link here)
  • Take your LP token and add it into the NFTrade farm (Link here)

0.0000534418 LP token ($100 each side)= 1 NXCAD2 per day (Seperate to NXCAD)

Don’t worry if you are in other farms and don’t want to join the race for golden tickets using LP tokens, there will be more ways to earn these tickets announced soon.

We released our roll-out schedule last week, here’s a reminder :

Mainnet Roll-out Strategy

We will be releasing an update on rounds 1 & 2 next week. This here is the beginning of round 3, which is golden tickets. Round 2 which includes major Cryptocurrency influencers will be beginning next week.

We will also be releasing updates to our roadmap very soon, so stay tuned for that.