Plug-In Soft Public Launch -Round 3- Golden Ticket Access Guide

Note: This article applies only to Golden Ticket Winners. (SOFT Public launch)

First of all, I would just like to say congratulations to all of you who have won Golden Tickets & thank you to everyone for taking part in the raffle. Below we’ll be listing the steps of how to add the plugin to your device & how to gain access!

Known issues:

Updates in process:

Add the Plugin to your Browser

Adding the Plugin to your browser is very simple, all you have to do is visit the link HERE and click the button saying “Add extension to chrome” as seen below.

Once you have added the extension to chrome, we recommend pinning it so it is easy to access!

Register your account

When you have added the extension and opened it up, you will be given the home screen of the plugin, on here you’ll be able to “Log in” & “Register”. At this point you will want to hit “Register”, simply create your account and confirm it using the 2FA code sent to your email address.

Please note when you register your account, you will not have access straight away, you will have to provide your account username to the XCAD team so we can grant you access. The best way to get access is by replying to the email we’ve sent you, or by messaging @Eoghan_b on Telegram with the Telegram username you provided whilst filling out your claim form!

The 3 channels active in this golden ticket round :

Ben Morris :

Corbacho :

Homelespenguin :

How do I earn Creator Tokens?

It is super easy to start earning Creator tokens!

Please provide any feedback or bugs here:

Those who provide the best feedback will be rewarded with a small prize in XCAD tokens. (Please note a lot is subject to change based off feedback)

Stay tuned for the DEX launch & CLO information which is coming soon, and of course the general rollout of the plugin to the public.