Winners of the community stickers/memes/GIFs/videos competition!

On the 11th of November we shared our Stickers/Memes/Gifs/Videos Competition V2. After hundreds of entries and a lot of debate internally, we are now delighted to announce the winners of the competition!

As we announced previously, there is a prize pool of 300 XCADs divided amongst the top 10 winners. Due to the success and how difficult it was to choose just 10 winners, we have decided to add another 5 winning places worth 10 XCAD each. We have also decided that in future competitions we will instead be giving away prizes in each category, so stay tuned for that! Just to recall, the split of the now 350 XCADs is as follows:

1st Place- 100 XCAD

2nd Place- 70 XCAD

3rd Place- 40 XCAD

4th/5th Place- 20 XCAD

6th-15th Place- 10 XCAD

Before we get into the winners, we would like to thank everyone for taking part in the competition and taking the time to create and submit their entries! There were many brilliant submissions that didn’t make the cut, as there could only be 10 winners, but nonetheless, we appreciate everyone that entered.

The winners & their submissions:

1st Place (100 XCAD)-

2nd Place (70 XCAD)-

3rd Place (40 XCAD)-

4th Place (20 XCAD)-

5th Place (20 XCAD)-

6th-15th Place (10 XCAD)-

Telegram: @kakadesign91

Telegram: @hirayamanawarix

Telegram: @r_modified

Telegram: Jodantewin

Telegram: @Hodl024

Telegram: @JusbeHappyAlways

Twitter: @Davidinhege

Telegram: @onelbocil

Telegram: @jomarb

*If you’d like to see the winners kindly join the XCAD Network Contest 2.0 group on Telegram:

Congratulations to all the winners! To claim your prize, simply message an admin on telegram and we will get your XCAD sent over to you ASAP!