XCAD Mainnet Launch Strategy & Golden Tickets

Today we make history.

The past three months at XCAD have been insane for us as a company, and for the community. We have built an amazing project, that is unique to most others in the space. We have listed on multiple exchanges, tapped into many different communities via our farms on various chains, and as a result, our community has grown exponentially.

The YouTubers we’ve announced to be tokenizing have 84 Million Subscribers combined. To this date, not one of those has mentioned XCAD on YouTube, however, this is soon going to change. As of today, we’re beginning our rollout of Creator tokens, which means over the coming months all these YouTubers will be pushing XCAD and the XCAD plugin to their followers. No other Crypto, bar those in the top 10, have this type of reach. You just have to look at what Elon Musk did for Doge, to get an idea of how effective this level of influence can be. 84 Million Subscribers, only includes those Creators we have announced so far, in 1 month. Imagine where we will be in 12.

I feel we have already achieved 10x more than most projects do in the same period since their listing.

An image made by a community member summarising September

Launch Plan

Over the past month, the XCAD team has thought long and hard about how best to launch the product on the market, both from a technical point of view and from a marketing perspective. All the decisions we make have the goal of rewarding our community, as well as leaving our mark on the crypto space. To this point, we believe our marketing has been strong, and the following rollout has been the obvious best strategy in our minds for a while.

We plan to slowly roll out access to the features below, starting with partners and large Crypto Influencers. The reason behind this type of rollout is a marketing play based on research into how other projects have rolled out successful Mainnets. We believe it’s the best way to maximize marketing opportunity and community momentum. The course we decided to take was also impacted by the Zilliqa bridge not being available during development. Furthermore, due to the sheer scale of Creator’s involved, a gradual roll-out allows us to test Creator token behaviours in a live market scenario.

For example, two projects that have had remarkable Mainnet launches are Thorchain and Orion, the latter of which is one of our partner companies. The plan of our release to mainnet, is to release the plugin, and slowly roll it out to different users/user bases, with trading on the DEX being available at a later time.

To begin with we’re rolling out a Creator Token from YouTuber Ben Morris, then we’ll be rolling subsequent Creator tokens out one by one.


The browser extension which will allow users to earn Creator Tokens is ready to go live. Access will be rolled out to various parties, in the rounds outlined below, starting September 30th (Today).

We expect to pass through these rounds of onboarding at a rapid pace, comfortably completing all phases of launch by Early-Mid Q4.

Below is the outlined rollout strategy. Round 2 will consist of crypto influencers using the product, the best review will be allocated a reward of $10,000 In XCADs. Round 3 will be the first chance for community members to get their hands on the plug-in. You will need to stake XCAD to earn a golden ticket to get access to the plugin. The more XCAD you have, the more your chances of gaining access.

Roll out:

A graphic to display the round based roll-out strategy

Round 1: Partners, Zilliqa, DAO Maker, Future Exchanges & YouTubers themselves, so they can get a feel for the tech

Round 2: Major Cryptocurrency Influencers who will cover XCAD

Round 3: Golden Ticket — Stake XCAD to get access

Round 4: Open to everyone to sign up to & use, no YouTuber promotion

Round 5: Mainstream Adoption via YouTubers promoting. (XCAD pays gas here to streamline & maximize adoption)

Golden Tickets

We’re very excited to reveal our Golden ticket programme. Golden tickets will give people early access to the Mainnet. There are multiple ways of earning these golden tickets, all of which involve staking XCAD. The more XCAD you hold, the more your chances at obtaining a ticket, however there will be random drops in subsequent rounds. The golden tickets will be relatively limited, more information will be released tomorrow. However they will be live to earn very soon and redeemable for access in 2 weeks.

ZIL/ERC20 Bridge

Due to XCAD already existing on the Zilliqa chain as a stand-alone contract, additional changes will be needed to enable XCAD on the bridge. The XCAD team is closely working with Zilliqa on a solution, so that XCAD will be transferable from ERC-20 to ZRC-2 around a week after the ZIL bridge launches.

Please be advised that there may be high volatility once the bridge goes live, due to the current price discrepancy of the XCAD token, between the ZIL and ETH chains (which is due to decrease post bridge).


Although many of you tested our DEX on the Zilliqa testnet, and we recieved very positive feedback, we have decided to slightly delay the trading on the DEX (Creator Swap). The DEX interface will be up, but you will not be able to trade on it, the reasons being:

  • After we open the bridge up for XCAD, the contract address for XCAD on ZIL will change, meaning it would create an issue with our liquidity pools.
  • We want the plugin to be open to all users and have a certain amount of creator tokens to be released/people earning tokens, before allowing them to be tradable in order to ensure market sustainability.

See the XCAD DEX (Creator Swap) here:


InfluencerMarketCap.com is now live, containing data for the creators we have already announced. The creator token prices are not displayed, as they are currently not trading. These are only the Creator’s we have announced thus far, many more are to come next month, including our biggest by yet by far.

See InfluencerMarketCap here:


Creator Tokens rollout

We’re dealing with some pretty big names, as you have seen from our announcements so far. We will be rolling out one by one each creator token, as this lets us iron things out and progressively fix any issues that may arise. Furthermore, allowing us to use each creator token release as an announcement & marketing opportunity, so that they each get the attention they deserve.

We have even bigger creators to announce in Q4.

Creator CLO Example

In case some of you missed this from the Creator Tokenomics summary, here is an example of how impactful the CLO could be.

We have designed XCAD to be extremely deflationary, the CLO is a huge part of this.

If you take an average Creator CLO of 20,000 XCADs, then consider we’ve already announced 28 Creators. That means, 560,000 XCADs are due to be locked in liquidity forever. This equates to 3.3% of the current circulating supply.

This is only the Creators we have included in the first batch, e.g. those we have announced thus far, we have many more still to announce & are due to open tokenization up to all Creators soon.

Table to showcase projected XCAD lock-up as Creator’s scale

Initially, the estimated XCAD per CLO input amount is projected to rise, due to us having yet to announce our biggest Creators, with bigger Creators inevitably having higher CLO requirements on average. However over time, as we scale it’s likely the CLO XCAD input will reduce due to a higher number of mid-level Creator’s joining.

When you consider that over 27,000 YouTube channels have more than 1,000,000 Subscribers, it’s evident the above table doesn’t even begin to demonstrate the potential scale.

*Please note the XCAD CLO amount will adjust based on XCAD price movement.*

The XCAD Team and I would like to thank everyone in the community for their incredible support. We’re appreciative that the community shares our vision, and sees the opportunity that is in front of us.

An aggressive growth campaign and updated roadmap will be published shortly.

The #Watch2Earn Revolution has begun.


Oliver Bell

XCAD Network CEO

To the moon!