XCAD Network Releases BlockAsset NFT Allocation Lottery.

On November 1st, BlockAsset announced XCAD Network CEO Oliver Bell as a strategic Advisor. (https://twitter.com/Blockassetco/status/1455159608792780805?s=20)

Following the advisor appointment of Oliver Bell we’re excited to announce BlockAsset allocations are up for grabs for the XCAD community.

Results of past NFT allocations offered on our NFT Farm:

OPUL ATH = 107x

BRKL ATH = 26x

How to get involved

In the past XCAD has released its NFT Allocations straight onto the NFT farms on NFTrade. This time it will be slightly different.

In order to give everyone staking a fair chance at getting allocation, and to test ahead of Round 3’s golden ticket round, the XCAD team has decided to release these allocations in a draw method.

XCAD will be releasing ticket NFTs to its farm on NFTrade – on both Polygon and ERC20. These tickets will be sold at an inexpensive nXCAD price in order to give everyone a chance at winning the allocation.

When you purchase a ticket you will be automatically entered into the draw to win allocation. Please note that there is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase, the more you purchase, the better chance at winning allocation you will have.

These tickets will be available until the 23rd of November 2021 21:00 UTC and once this date passes, the XCAD team will randomly select winners. Each NFT ticket has its own unique TokenID, we will randomly generate the winning TokenID numbers which will correspond to the winning ERC721 NFT tickets. If you are a lucky winner, you will need to fill out a form to claim the allocation.

The information for the availability of the tickets are as follow:

ERC20 Farm- https://app.nftrade.com/farms/xcad

35x $500 BlockAsset Allocations available

50,000 nXCAD for 1 Entry Ticket (17,500 raffle tickets available)

Polygon Farm- https://app.nftrade.com/farms/xcad-polygon

15x $500 BlockAsset Allocations available

5,000 nXCAD for 1 Entry Ticket (12,500 raffle tickets available)

How the draw works

Once the draw has closed (on the 23rd of November at 21:00 UTC), the XCAD team will pool all ticket holders together. Each ticket has its own dedicated Token ID and every Token ID is attached to a wallet.

On the 24th of November, the XCAD team will go live and will randomly generate winning TokenIDs. These Token IDs will match to winning Wallet addresses.

After the draw concludes, the XCAD team will announce the winners on social platforms. Within the announcement, there will be a form for winning token holders to fill out in order to claim their prize. Once a winner fills out the form, his wallet will be verified by the XCAD team and they will be contacted.

BlockAsset Information & Metrics

BlockAsset is a Solana based athlete-verified NFT platform and ecosystem, connecting fans to their favourite athletes like never before. Harnessing the power of exclusive athlete content, real-world NFT utility, and community governance, BlockAsset is creating the go-to platform for athletes and sports fans alike.

Allocation Token Metrics:

Public Sale

Price Per Token: $0.078


TGE: 25%

Month 3: 25%

Month 5: 25%

Month 7: 25%

BlockAsset Website: https://blockasset.co

BlockAsset Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockassetco?s=21

Stay tuned on more information on Round 3 this week, will you be the first to #Watch2Earn?

How to Stake on NFTrade

Step 2. Connect your wallet

Step 3. Hit the stake button circled below

Step 4. Input the amount you want to stake and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Step 5. Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, hit “Continue” and you will be asked to approve the contract in your wallet.

Step 6. Once you hit “Confirm” a transaction will begin and when the transaction is finished pending, your XCADs will be staked in the Farm and your balance will update.