XCAD Q3 Creator Recap

In Q3 we announced Creators that will be issuing Creator tokens on XCAD, combined they have over 84 million subscribers… You just have to look at what Elon Musk did for Doge, to get an idea of how effective this level of influence can be. This only includes the YouTubers announced last month, we have many more to announce, we’re confident mass adoption is just around the corner.

The biggest Creator we announced in Q3 was Enes Batur with over 15m subscribers, he is the biggest YouTuber in Turkey. In Q4 we will announce more creators, some even bigger than Enes Batur.

Q4 will also consist of these YouTubers promoting the XCAD Plug-in to their followers in their YouTube videos. Round 4 of our rollout, the Mainnet roll out plan can be found here — https://medium.com/xcademy/xcad-mainnet-launch-strategy-golden-tickets-4f1761c4844b. We are soon to enter Round 2, which will have crypto influencers covering and using the plugin.

Niko Omiliana

With 3,900,000 Subscribers, Niko Omilana was the first Creator Token announced. Niko has found a lot of success on YouTube lately with his last 4 videos totaling a combined 20 million views.

Niko rose to fame in 2017/2018 with his public pranks and videos. Niko used to attend and troll EDL rallies which ultimately resulted in the birth of Niko’s fan group, known as the NDL (Niko Defence League). Today the NDL is known as one of the strongest online fan communities not just on YouTube, but the whole internet.

YouTube (3,900,000)- https://youtube.com/c/NikolasOmilana

Twitter (744,000)- https://twitter.com/nikoomilana

Instagram (1,500,000)- https://instagram.com/niko


CapGunTom has been on the YouTube scene for a long time, creating his channel in 2008, Tom rose to fame throughout those years making videos on FIFA. Tom had some big hit series throughout the years such as ‘Mission Manchester’, ‘Road to Real’ & ‘Team Takedown’. Tom boasts over 1 Million subscribers and was one of only 3 tokens seen on the Testnet.

YouTube (1,010,000)- https://youtube.com/CapgunTom

Twitter (239,900)- https://twitter.com/capguntom

Instagram (199,000)- https://instagram.com/capguntom

Ben Morris

YouTuber Ben Morris is known for his high production quality. From traveling the world sharing experiences to completing challenges in his hometown, Ben’s channel has got it all. Ben has already gained 560,000 subscribers on his YouTube journey, is widely considered as underrated in terms of traction, so no doubt will gain far more in the future whilst having his own Creator Token.

YouTube (661,000)- https://youtube.com/c/BenMorris1

Twitter (61,000)- https://twitter.com/8ben_

Instagram (114,000)- https://instagram.com/benmorris

Yung Chip

Yung Chip also known as ‘Josh’ or TheBurntChip has a combined 3,470,000 subscribers across his two main channels. Originally Josh made his name on YouTube making Fifa videos on the “TheBurntChip ‘’ channel, before switching over to Fortnite where his numbers blew up even further, getting over 200 million views, in the space of just 2 years!

YouTube (2,120,000)- https://youtube.com/c/YungChip

Twitter (522,000)- https://twitter.com/yungchip

Instagram (576,000)- https://instagram.com/theburntchip

Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart who originally shot to fame through the app VINE, gained over 5,000,000 followers before it was shut down. Lance has since brought his audience across to YouTube where he has gained over 6,500,000 subscribers, and TikTok where he has over 20 million followers!

Lance is known worldwide for his pranks, both on his family members, and on the unsuspecting public.

YouTube (6,540,000)- https://youtube.com/c/LanceStewartVlogs

Twitter (811,800)- https://twitter.com/lance210

Instagram (6,600,000)- https://instagram.com/lance210

TikTok (21,200,000)- https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8MEEKw5/


Wafflin Podcast which is hosted by Joe Weller, Theo Baker, and Luke Martin is the first podcast channel to have a Creator Token via XCAD. Joe and Theo have 5.3m and 950k subscribers across their main channels respectively, the experience gained in growing their own channels has helped Wafflin reach over 950k subscribers, making it one of the top YouTube podcasts and will doubt be an exciting Creator Token!

YouTube (944,000)- https://youtube.com/c/WafflinbyJoeWeller

Twitter (14,600)- https://twitter.com/wafflinpod

Instagram (95,600)- https://instagram.com/wafflinpodcast


YouTuber REEV is known for multiple hit FIFA series such as ‘Reus To Glory’ & ‘Checklist Challenge’. REEV has also featured in many videos with the Sidemen and is definitely a popular face amongst the UK fan base. REEVs ability to make an interesting series combined with being entertaining has helped grow his channel to over 830,000 subscribers.

YouTube (831,000)- https://youtube.com/c/reev

Twitter (193,000)- https://twitter.com/thereevhd

Instagram (160,000)- https://instagram.com/reevhd


The first Spanish-speaking YouTuber announced to be tokenizing on XCAD came in the form of El Churches. El Churches has gained over 6.5 million subscribers and almost 2 billion video views through playing games such as GTA V. Uploading almost daily shows El Churches dedication to his YouTube channel, no doubt the dedication will transpire to his Creator Token. With the backing of his 6.5million subscribers, El Churches will definitely be up there as one of the most popular Creator Tokens around.

YouTube (6,530,000)- https://youtube.com/c/ElChurches

Twitter (439,500)- https://twitter.com/elchurchesyt

Instagram (568,000)- https://instagram.com/elchurchesoficial

Millie T

Millie T was the first female YouTuber announced to be creating her own token on XCAD. Millie who has 1.3million subscribers, most of which are from the female demographic, will be a great addition to XCAD Network. Millie does a variety of relatable content, and fun challenges, she is also a member of the UK vlogger group ‘social climbers’.

YouTube (1,380,000)- https://youtube.com/c/millymooboo1

Twitter (120,000)- https://twitter.com/milliet25

Instagram (352,000)- https://instagram.com/milliet25


Football YouTuber SV2 is issuing his own Creator Token on XCAD. SV2 has over 2 million subscribers and has had multiple viral hits on YouTube, one video even reaching 18 million views! He focuses on football related content, showing off top footballer ability and an incredibly engaging and fun personality.

YouTube (2,050,000)- https://youtube.com/c/SynxcV2

Twitter (11,300)- https://twitter.com/officialsv2

Instagram (146,000)- https://instagram.com/emansv2

Emily Black

Emily Black has blown up on YouTube within the last year, featuring in videos made by huge YouTubers, such as members of the Sidemen. After only creating her channel in 2020, Emily’s 331,000 subscribers is an impressive number so far, which will no doubt only continue throughout the coming years, making her one to watch for the future.

YouTube (336,000)- https://youtube.com/c/EMILYBLACKYT


Thogden, who was also seen on the Testnet version of XCAD, is known for his Football opinions and is a well respected member of the YouTube community. Thogdens videos alongside Thogdad are watched and enjoyed by many, with his cult like following, it’s definitely a token to watch on InfluencerMarketCap!

YouTube (720,000)- https://youtube.com/c/ThogdenFIFA

Twitter (93,300)- https://twitter.com/thogden

Instagram (199,000)- https://instagram.com/thogden


Jack54HD is a well respected FIFA YouTuber who is known for his consistent 7-minute squad series which has been running for over 6 years. His consistency and dedication to his channel will definitely not go unnoticed on XCAD, as no doubt he will have heavy support from his loyal fanbase.

YouTube (620,000)- https://youtube.com/c/Jack54HD

Twitter (119,500)- https://twitter.com/jack54hd

Instagram (56,200)- https://instagram.com/jack54hd


Spanish YouTuber ByViruZz, who is well known for his high-quality vlogs, is a great addition to the tokenized Creators. His diverse content ranging from car videos to IRL vlogs has helped him to gain over 5.5 million Spanish-speaking subscribers. Gaining almost 1 million views a week will definitely help push XCADs goal of global adoption.

YouTube (5,520,000)- https://youtube.com/c/byViruZz

Twitter (1,000,000)- https://twitter.com/byviruzz

Instagram (1,600,000)- https://instagram.com/victormelida

Orkun Isitmak

Orkun is one of Turkey’s largest Creators with 9.3 million subscribers and over 2.6 billion video views. Orkun, who uploads challenge and vlog-type videos averages over 2 million views a video. With his mostly Turkish-speaking fan base, this will be another massive benefit to the XCAD ecosystem, pushing adoption further. It will be another fantastic Creator token for us to launch and watch grow.

YouTube (9,340,000)- https://youtube.com/c/orkunisitmak

Twitter (337,800)- https://twitter.com/orkunisitmak

Instagram (3,000,000)- https://instagram.com/orkunisitmak

Mr Savage

Mr Savage is a Fortnite legend, playing in both the World Cup Solo’s & Duo competitions, his skill is matched by few. Alongside his professional Fortnite success came massive growth throughout all his platforms. Mr Savage who now boasts millions of followers and subscribers across all platforms is issuing a Creator Token on XCAD.

YouTube (1,880,000)- https://youtube.com/c/mrsavage

Twitter (1,200,000)- https://twitter.com/mrsavage

Instagram (2,700,000)- https://instagram.com/mrsavage


Morgz who has 11.7 million subscribers is one of the largest Creators both on XCAD & on YouTube. Morgz currently has 75 videos with more than 10 million views, his unique ability to go viral will definitely help in the growth of his Creator Token

Morgz is one of the most known YouTubers from the UK, his videos with his mum and bald Martin took over YouTube over the past few years. Morgz is one of the UKs most viewed YouTubers with over 2.6 billion video views

YouTube (11,700,000)- https://youtube.com/c/ItsMorgz

Twitter (206,000)- https://twitter.com/morgz

Instagram (853,000)- https://instagram.com/morgz


Corbacho is a Fitness YouTuber from Spain with over 420,000 Subscribers. Known for his fitness challenges and chiseled physique, Corbacho is another top Spanish-speaking YouTuber to add to the XCAD Network.

YouTube (424,000)- https://youtube.com/c/Corbacholife

Twitter (4,200)- https://twitter.com/corbacholife

Instagram (326,000)- https://instagram.com/corbacholife


OG FIFA YouTuber Finch, who is making a comeback on FIFA 22 is issuing his own Creator Token. Finch who is known for FIFA videos, such as huge FUT Draft challenges is no stranger to going viral. He’s also got many videos with one of the most popular FIFA YouTubers, Wroetoshaw. There is no doubt will have a successful return to YouTube whilst having his own Creator Token.

YouTube (521,000)- https://youtube.com/c/finch

Twitter (120,000)- https://twitter.com/imfinch

Instagram (85,100)- https://instagram.com/imfinch


JMX is the holder of the UK's most viewed (Non-Music) video, raking in almost 80 million views from a single video. Joel was also seen on the Testnet version of XCAD. His diverse channel, consisting of multiple viral videos in different genres such as Gaming, Vlogging & Pranks has grown Joel fans across the world.

YouTube (2,470,000)- https://youtube.com/c/jmxfifa

Twitter (311,000)- https://twitter.com/jmxfifa

Instagram (552,000)- https://instagram.com/jmx

Joshua Miles

Up and Coming YouTuber Joshua Miles is an exciting Creator Token for us to have on XCAD. Their true crime videos are interesting and informative to watch. With only 179,000 Subscribers, Joshua has a lot of room for growth and is definitely on the brink of blowing up on YouTube.

YouTube (179,000)- https://youtube.com/c/itsjoshuamiles

Twitter (9,300)- https://twitter.com/itsjoshuamiles

Instagram (11,200)- https://instagram.com/itsjoshuamiles


Argentine group PILO has gained over 1.2 million Subscribers from their high quality videos. PILO is a group channel known for their reactions, challenges etc. With the high-quality production that goes into each one of PILO’s videos, it is obvious that they are serious about taking their channel to the next level.

YouTube (1,220,000)- https://youtube.com/c/PILO

Twitter (16,500)- https://twitter.com/videospilo

Instagram (124,000)- https://instagram.com/videospilo


Esttik who boasts over 3.7 million subscribers & 440 million views, is another Spanish-speaking Creator issuing a Token. Esttik uploads his challenge-type videos multiple times a week, which all bring in over a million views on average. His loyal followers will be sure to keep an eye on his Token.

YouTube (3,730,000)- https://youtube.com/c/esttikSP

Twitter (37,000)- https://twitter.com/esttiksp

Instagram (431,000)- https://instagram.com/esttik


Rob, also known as HomelesPenguin, is a FIFA YouTuber from the UK with 286,000 subscribers. With over 1,300 videos uploaded on YouTube, it shows the dedication to his channel.

YouTube (286,000)- https://youtube.com/c/homelespenguin

Twitter (24,200)- https://twitter.com/homelespenguin

Instagram (11,000)- https://instagram.com/rob_mckeown93

Johnny Carey

Known for his skits and pranks, Johnny Carey has grown an audience of over 1.1 Million Subscribers. His collaborations with other tokenized Creators such as Niko Omilana are a must watch. Johnny certainly has a bright future on YouTube.

YouTube (1,150,000)- https://youtube.com/c/JohnnyCarey98

Twitter (17,300)- https://twitter.com/johnny_carey_

Instagram (218,000)- https://instagram.com/johnnycarey_7

Ally Law

Ally Law shot to success through his Parkour and impressive climbs, making it to rooftops and special locations all across the world. Ally Law is no stranger to climbing to the top of places, and will no doubt be attempting to climb the rankings on InfluencerMarketCap.

YouTube (3,350,000)- https://youtube.com/c/AllyLaws

Twitter (50,300)- https://twitter.com/allyalaw

Instagram (315,000)- https://instagram.com/mrallylaw

Enes Batur

The largest Creator announced to be tokenizing during the Q3 announcements was Enes Batur. Enes created his channel in 2012, and in his years has managed to become Turkeys largest YouTuber, with over 15 million subscribers, gaining 8.8 billion video views in that time. Enes’s high quality challenge videos bring in millions of views every week as he continues to impress his followers with his own unique ideas and trends.

YouTube (15,400,000)- https://youtube.com/user/newdaynewgame

Twitter (1,000,000)- https://twitter.com/enesbatur00

Instagram (5,300,000)- https://instagram.com/enesbatur