ZRC2 XCAD V1 to V2 Migration

Firstly Zilliqans, we would like to thank you all for the support so far! It’s time to prepare for the ERC20 to ZIL Bridge for XCAD. In order for the bridge to work, there’re a few things we need to do on the Zilliqa side, the first thing is migrating your current XCADs to a new smart contract (The same smart contract that will be used by the bridge on Thursday).

There is no set deadline to migrate for now, however, we have removed liquidity from XCAD V1 and added it onto V2, so the tokens are no longer tradable with decent liquidity until you migrate to V2.

Migrating is easy, its a 1 for 1 swap v1 XCADto v2 XCAD, here’s how:

Visit the following link:


  1. Click connect on the top right corner and link your ZilPay wallet where you hold the v1 tokens.

2. Accept the connection request using your wallet.

3. You should now be able to add all the tokens on the center of the screen and hit “Enable”. This will approve our migration contract.

4. Your wallet will prompt you to approve that transaction, so confirm it.

5. Next, once the approval transaction has been successful, you will be able to hit the “Swap” button, which will trigger the conversion of your tokens to v2.

6. Again, approve the transaction using your wallet once the prompt appears.

Once the transaction confirms you will have your XCAD v2 in your wallet. Firstly you’ll need to remove the old version of XCAD (go to ZilPay list of tokens & delete). Then you can add a new version on ZilPay by going to Tokens -> Add contract and pasting the new XCAD contract zil1z5l74hwy3pc3pr3gdh3nqju4jlyp0dzkhq2f5y.

To the moon!