iOS Code Signing Tutorial Series

I have just published series of blog posts on topic of iOS Code signing on my personal blog a.k.a XCBlog to cover the fundamentals of the iOS code signing process. Unfortunately, its too much of content to re-post as it is on Medium so I will just share the links here.

About this Series

Code signing and provisioning profiles have been an ongoing annoyance and will continue to be there until iOS developers completely understand the basics of the code signing. This series covers fundamentals of the iOS code signing process. Although there are multiple resources available online as well as Apple has clean documentation on code signing process, it’s still a mystery. In this series, we will try to understand the code signing process from scratch including what’s needed for code signing to actual code signing process itself. We will also explore the GUI as well as command line ways of doing things whenever applicable. We will start from Certificate Signing Requests to get iOS Development certificate, then we will cover certificate and it’s internal parts. After understanding the certificates, we will do deep dive into the provisioning profiles and finally, we will understand the code signing process.

These series is written in my own words or language by doing some research on web and Apple’s documentation. I have covered all these reference material in the final post. I have also attached some screenshots from Apple Developer portal and Xcode so that readers can understand the concepts. I tried to hide all the sensitive content but if there is something exposed by mistake, please don’t hack me :)

 iOS Code Signing Tutorial Series Links 

I hope you will like this series on iOS Code signing. Feel free to contact me if there are some information misleading.

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