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Become a part of a thriving crypto community-Apply to XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador Program

Are you a crypto enthusiast who believes in the promise of blockchain revolution and decentralization? Are you working intentionally to educate and inspire people to become a part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem? Then the XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador Program is meant for you.

We are looking for brilliant minds and skilled content creators to forward our mission of making cryptocurrency and blockchain accessible to everyone.

We strongly believe crypto without real word use cases has no future. That’s why we have created XcelDefi, a BEP-20 token built on Binance smart chain. XcelDefi (XLD) is the native token of Xcellab Ecosystem that provides its holders with the most powerful use cases and investment opportunities. The Xcellab Ecosystem has also created projects like XcelTrip, XcelPay Wallet, XcelSwap, and XcelDefi to enable accessibility, inter-operability, real-time use cases, and return on crypto investments.

Now that we have 50k XLD token holders, and 10 million community members, we are looking to further grow our community and increase the adoption of blockchain and cryptos in everyday life. That’s where our Ambassadors come into play.

You can be XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador

If you are a self-motivated individual who is already contributing to propelling the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain then you are our person.

We are looking for innovative content creators, community managers, skilled and original thinkers, educators, crypto leaders, and influencers who have demonstrated caliber to show their talented practices, enabling us to grow XcelDefi (XLD) community.

You should be an independent, self-starter who can work autonomously with original ideas and skills to implement your plans and show reasonable output that benefits XcelDefi (XLD) community and contributes to XcelDefi (XLD) community growth.

How can you become XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador?

You can kick the process by filling out XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador Program application form. We will review your application, and if we see you as a right fit, we will contact you!

What are the benefits of becoming an XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador?

By becoming our Ambassador you will be doing what you do i.e. promoting the adoption of paradigm-shifting decentralized finance technology through cryptos, but you will be doing it with a dedicated XcelDefi (XLD) team. By becoming our Ambassador you will be forwarding your personal goals, contributing significantly to the crypto-community, as well as to the growth of the XcelDefi (XLD) project.

Apart from this, here are some tangible benefits of becoming an XcelDefi (XLD) Ambassador.

For instance, you can earn rewards up to 500 USDT based on your skill range and the traction that your skill brings to support the XcelDefi community!


  • You’ll receive exclusive merchandise designed only for XcelDefi Ambassadors.
  • Get a chance to be featured on our website with your contributions.
  • You’ll be invited for early access to new features and products.
  • More importantly, we’ll be all eyes and ears to your suggestions on how we can improve or assist you.
  • You will have a chance to be part of XcelDefi and Get early access to XcelDefi resources.
  • And, you will earn special rewards for completing your targets and/or for showing exceptional performance.

To learn more apply to XcelDefi Ambassador Program.

Follow XcelDefi(XLD) on our social media handles

Website — https://xceldefi.com/

📑 Whitepaper — https://xceldefi.com/whitepaper

📧Telegram — https://t.me/XcelToken

🔈 Telegram — https://t.me/xcellaboffical

🕊 Twitter — https://twitter.com/xceldefi

👤 Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/Xceldefi

📺 YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwGB8JGkh15KBV8a5NwsJA

📫 Roadmap — https://xceldefi.com/roadmap

📝 Medium — https://medium.com/@xceldefi



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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.