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2 min readJul 8, 2022


XcelDefi, a native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem presents an opportunity for XcelDefi token holders and community members to participate and win amazing rewards.

Join the XcelDefi community, participate in weekly contests and collect roles to redeem exciting rewards in crypto and NFTs.

Participate & Redeem Collectable Roles

Become a member of the XcelDefi community so you never miss out on weekly XcelDefi contests, trivia, and quizzes.

Participate in those contests and qualify as one of the lucky winners. The winners of each contest are announced on XcelDefi social media handle — Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Each winner will be able to score a redeemable role on discord. Participate and win enough contests and collect enough roles to redeem them for rewards in crypto and NFTs.

How many roles do I need to collect to redeem rewards?

The number of roles that you could want to collect depends ultimately on the type of reward that you would want to redeem.

Participants will need to win at least four different roles on discord to redeem them for rewards.

If a participant has collected four roles on discord, those four roles can be redeemed for $20 USDT!

Similarly, if a participant manages to collect eight roles, they will get a chance at redeeming one free XcelNFT!

Participate in as many contests as you can and collect as many roles as you win. The contests are always ongoing on the XcelDefi social media channels, do join the community, so you never miss a chance to participate and win.

How can I participate, win roles and redeem rewards?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Join XcelDefi Community by following XcelDefi on its social media handles
  • Participate in community contests, quizzes, and trivia that are regularly organized on the social media channels
  • Improve your chances of winning these contests by participating in as many contests as you can
  • The winners of each contest are rewarded with a Role on Discord
  • Collect enough roles
  • Once you hit a milestone of four to eight discord roles take a screenshot
  • Fill out the form (soon to be shared) to redeem your rewards, and don’t forget to share the screenshot!
  • XcelDefi team will get in touch with you to send your rewards!

Happy Participating!

Join our community and stay up to date with XcelDefi project developments, news and announcements!








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