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Exchange your ERC-20 Token for BEP-20 Token : XLD bridge is Live

XcelDefi Token (XLD) holders can easily exchange XcelDefi (XLD) ERC-20 Token for XcelDefi (XLD) BEP-20 using XcelDefi Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Built with the intention to make Decentralised Finance (DeFi) accessible to all, XcelDefi Token (XLD) was first launched on Ethereum blockchain. Despite great utility and rewards, XcelDefi (XLD) was later migrated to Binance Smart Chain, and re-introduced as a BEP-20 Token. The move was executed considering the effects of Ethereum blockchain’s high gas fee on XcelDefi (XLD) token holders.

It is now possible for all XcelDefi (XLD) ERC-20 token holders to convert their XcelDefi (XLD) ERC-20 token to BEP-20 token on Bridge.XcelDefi.Com . XcelDefi Cross-Chain Token Bridge has been curated to enable swapping of digital assets across chains. The bridge connects Ethereum blockchain to Binance Smart Chain. And, XcelDefi token holders, can use the XcelDefi Token bridge to SWAP XcelDefi Token across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network with ease.

Follow this simple guide to convert your XLD ERC-20 token to XLD BEP-20 token.

Go to XcelDefi Cross Chain Token Bridge Webpage.

To participate in the token exchange process, you will need a metamask wallet. If you already have the Metamask wallet installed in your desktop, you will see the MetaMask icon on the top right corner of the browser, once the drop-down menu appears. Enter your MetaMask password then click connect. If not, you will need to install a metamask wallet on your personal computer.

Now you have to make sure that the Metamask Wallet is initially connected to Ethereum Mainnet. By connecting Metamask to Ethereum Blockchain you will now be able to send XcelDefi ERC-20 Token for cross-chain exchange.

Enter the amount that you would like to SWAP across-chain. Your wallet destination will be identified automatically.

Approve the transaction and hit on confirm Swap.

Now, to withdraw XcelDefi (XLD) in BEP-20, connect your Metamask Wallet to Binance Smart Chain Network.

You will be able to receive an amount of ERC-20 XcelDefi (XLD) token exchanged to BEP-20 XcelDefi (XLD) token value.

You may also follow the same steps in vice-versa to exchange XcelDefi BEP-20 token for XcelDefi ERC-20 token.

Remember because you are trading in both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain network. You will be charged gas fees in both networks.

Watch how to cross-chain token bridge on Ferrum Network. You can follow a similar step by step for XcelDefi on XcelDefi Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Apart from this you can also Purchase your very first XcelDefi (XLD) from the XcelSwap. You can visit our YouTube channel for detailed information on how to buy XLD on XcelSwap.



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