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Follow the decentralized finance token XLD on Gravity

CoinMarketCap is the largest website to get info on cryptocurrencies. They are not only the largest but also the innovators in the Crypto space. Recently, they have created a platform called Gravity for DeFis and other crypto brands to update their audience via the platform directly.

XcelDefi, Decentralized Finance crypto has also joined Gravity as an officially verified brand account. XcelDefi’s followers and community members can now follow them on Gravity crypto platform.

To simply understand it, Gravity is a social media platform like Twitter specifically made for the crypto community to interact with crypto brands. CMC Gravity is a measure of how often a cryptocurrency is searched on CoinMarketCap. People can give feedback on a crypto currency and can engage on the posts made by brands, just like on Twitter but with extra features for the crypto community.

Although Gravity is still in the beta version, it is surprisingly functional. It also has an article section, where a verified crypto brand can post about their feature updates and information just like most do on Mediums.

It is most likely that the platform is made to be the one-stop solution for everything crypto. As the contents from a brand are scattered across different social media, having the same platform to get updated on will be convenient for the audience.

All the social media updates from Decentralized Finance crypto, XcelDefi will now appear on the Gravity. Do follow the official Gravity account of XcelDefi for all the updates on campaigns and the project.



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