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How can crypto investors benefit from investing in XcelDefi?

XcelDefi is a next-generation decentralized token, a native token of XcelLab.It is a Binance blockchain-based smart contract token. Due to the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Xceldefi offers its investors the opportunity to perform an immediate financial transaction by eliminating intermediates.

In addition to the enormous benefits of smart contracts, XcelDefi Token provides users with a variety of use cases, immediate benefits, mind-blowing returns, and excellent yields.

The XcelDefi Token can be used to book over 2.3 million hotels and 450+ airlines across the world. Users may also store XcelDefi Token in XcelPay Wallet, a global cold wallet for XcelDefi Token, and use it to top up mobile carrier plans from over 900 telecom carriers in over 160 countries. Because the XcelLab ecosystem is primarily concerned with crypto mass acceptance, XcelLab is trying to increase the usage of its tokens ($XLD) across the blockchain platform.

XcelDefi will be dynamically minted upto total supply.

· Daily Block in BSC : 28800 (max)

· Per block: 10 XLD

· Burn: 50% per block

· Daily total mint: 288000

· Daily burn: 144000

· Daily Effective Mint: 144000

In addition to the above, a dynamic amount of XLD is also minted to the Dev address at a rate of 9.09%. This means that if 100 XLD are harvested, then 9.09 XLD is minted in addition and sent to the Dev Address.

However, all XLD minted to the Dev address is burned in the weekly burn and never enters circulation. As such, we have not included it in the above emission rate.

XLD will be burned in the following ways:

  • 0.08% of every trade made on XcelSwap
  • 100% of XLD sent to the Dev address
  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto XLD XcelPool

XcelLab has also introduced its dex (Automated market-making) platform this September, allowing users to engage in the liquidity pool and yield farm, and assiting XcelDefi investors to earn better rewards. XcelSwap allows its users to lend $XLD. People can also stake in XcelSwap which is a way of providing financial services to users through smart contracts. It aims to provide higher annualized earnings for specific currencies. Investors may earn XcelDefi by staking and liquidating their coins at attractive interest rates. XLD holders can also earn approximately 144,000 XLD in rewards per day through farming and liquidity pools.

Also, Xceldefi is a governance token for Xcelswap, allowing holders to participate in the governance of forthcoming Xcelswap ventures by voting. XcelDefi is been audited by Certik which is one of the world’s most trusted blockchain security technology firms and is at the frontier of research and innovation.

XcelDefi is a decentralized token with huge practical use cases in the real world where the holders can benefit from 100x to 1000x gains through rewards, annualization earning, and huge interest rates.

Powered by Xcellab Ecosystem, XcelDefi is the next generation DeFi to disrupt the traditional finance ecosystem. Claim your very first cryptocurrency and participate in Decentralized Finance. Download XcelPay Wallet- a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet and get a chance to claim XcelDefi ($XLD)!



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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.