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XcelDefi, a BEP-20 token, is a native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. Built with a vision to make cryptocurrency a part of everyday life, XcelDefi (XLD) is interoperable and easily accessible to users. Swap and Invest in XcelDefi tokens using multiple blockchain platforms available in the crypto space.

Trade XcelDefi Token using various Decentralised and Centralised Exchanges

The XcelDefi token is listed on various Dex and Cex . The BEP-20 token can be easily traded using different trading pairs on multiple blockchains. XcelDefi is listed on some of the major exchanges including Pancakeswap, Coinsbit, Apeswap, Bakeryswap,,, Mdex, Dodo, 1inch, XcelSwap

Buy XcelDefi on XcelSWAP

You can easily buy Xceldefi from its native DEX XcelSwap. The automated market maker XcelSwap provides an easy avenue for users to invest in XcelDefi (XLD) and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Investors can easily invest in XLD token and other cryptos using the ‘Connect Wallet’ button option available on the XcelSwap decentralized exchange.

After connecting their crypto wallets to DEX, users can conveniently set SWAP token pairs and desired value. We recommend users set the slippage between 0.5% to 5%. Click on the ‘confirm Swap button’ to swap successfully. You can learn these steps from our step-by-step guide on how to swap Xld on XcelSwap.

Send, Receive and Store XcelDefi (XLD) on XcelPay Wallet

The XcelLab ecosystem has made it easy and possible for users to buy, trade, and store XcelDefi (XLD) via a non-custodial crypto wallet- XcelPay Wallet. The non-custodial and secure crypto wallet is loved and used by more than 500k + users worldwide. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and allows users to create multiple cryptocurrency wallets within a singular crypto-wallet.

Users can even buy crypto using debit/credit cards. Fiats like Euro, USD, and INR can be used to buy crypto tokens on XcelPay Wallet. The wallet app uses secure providers like Transak and Guardian for smoother and faster validation of your transaction. You can learn more about this feature here.

XcelDefi is the native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem with the largest mass adoption and biggest use cases. Learn how you can invest, and earn high returns and exciting rewards from XcelDefi.

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