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Participate in XLD Trading competition by BW Exchange and win upto 10,000$

Participate in XcelDefi (XLD) Trading competition by BW exchange and stand a chance to win exciting rewards! Top buyers, depositors and earliest traders to participate will win thousands of dollars worth XcelDefi (XLD) as reward through airdrop!

The seven day long competition has started

Competition Period will begin on Nov 15th 10:00 AM UTC+6 — — and end on Nov 22th 19:00 AM UTC+6, 2021.

How can you participate?

To participate participate in any or all of the four activities shared below. Fulfill your tasks, and meet the criterias to win exciting and lofty rewards.

Activity 1: Become one of the Top 500 Buyers, and Share $5000 worth of reward in XLD

Top 500 buyers who buy the largest share of XLD token will get $5000 worth of XLD as reward.

10,000 XLD (worth about $5000) will be distributed equally among top 500 buyers.

**It is mandatory for Participants to buy at least 200 XLD.

Activity 2: Become one of the First 200 Depositors to share 1000$ worth of reward in XLD.

The top 200 depositors will get a chance to share 2000 XLD equally on a first come-first served basis!

Activity 3: Participate and become one of the top 200 XLD Traders to Share about $10000 Rewards in XLD.

The top 200 XLD traders will be selected based on their trading volume and will share over $10,000 worth of reward in XLD on the basis of their ranking.

Trader withholding 1st place will win: 10,000 XLD

Trader withholding 2nd place will win: 5,000 XLD

Trader withholding 3rd place will win: 2500 XLD

Trader between 4th-25th place will win: 2500 XLD Rewards, which will be distributed in proportion to purchases)

Net purchase amount will equal to deposit plus buy, less sell and withdraw.

During the competition, participants need to trade at least 1000 XLD in total.

Activity 4: New Users Registration & Traders

Total of $1,000 worth of XLD will be shared as Reward among new user registration and traders. During the activity period, each user who registers and completes any amount of valid trades can receive 5 XLD reward.

This activity will include Prize pool of 2,000 XLD. Participants will be served on First come, first serve basis. .

XcelDefi in XLD/USDT trading pair will be available on BW Exchange from 15th November onwards.

The XLD/USDT trading pair will be listed on BW exchange for $0.50.

Deposit time:10:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

Withdrawal time:10:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

Open Trading time:19:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

BW Exchange XLD/USDT Trading link : Trade here

For more details check this link. https://bit.ly/3nfovuQ



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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.