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The defi token XcelDefi has launched XcelDefi Ambassador Program — Apply to become our ambassador

The native defi token of XcelLab Ecosystem and the governance token for XcelSwap, XcelDefi is a BEP-20 token based on Binance Smart Chain. XLD is a next-generation cryptocurrency built to provide easy crypto adoption and real-time crypto use-cases.

Recently, XcelDefi has launched the XcelDefi Ambassador Program which is bringing-in self enterprising individuals who are engaged in promoting crypto and blockchain investment. The program will provide a platform to independent creators who believe in the future of crypto and are working to shape it. Through the XcelDefi Ambassador Program, the ambassadors will be furthering their work in crypto while working in tangent with Xcellab Ecosystem and XcelDefi.

Who can apply to the XcelDefi Ambassador Program?

Could you be XcelDefi Ambassador? Here is who can apply, and what you could contribute as an XcelDefi Ambassador.

Content Creators and Designers

People who can create video content, article content, podcasts, memes, GIFs, and other graphical content.

For XcelDefi: You can create exciting and engaging content for XLD tokens. As well as create and translate XcelLab contents to share in your community.

Community Management

People who can engage with the crypto-community, who can localize content, and share the same among their local community.

For XcelDefi: you can create educational content which has local-community appeal, share those content with your local community, and engage your local community in dialogues and answers surrounding XcelDefi.

Events and meetups organizer

You are someone who can organize, host, and lead local events , bring people together, and create and foster a strong crypto-community.

For XcelDefi: You can create an active community and grow a strong engagement among community members for XcelDefi. You can be an information hub to the defi token- XcelDefi.

Social Media Broadcaster

You can promote products and content across various social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook etc.

For XcelDefi: You should be able to promote XcelDefi on various social media platforms. Spread the word when we have any updates or developments.

Partnership and Collaboration

People who can network and discover potential collaboration opportunities.

For XcelDefi: You can reach out to other projects and help Xceldefi partner with other Crypto Projects.


People with analytical and creative minds who can identify gaps and provide recommendations to improve service delivery.

For XcelDefi: You can become the eyes and ears of the XcelDefi community and identify new key requirements and features that the Xcellab core team should be developing and providing.

Your role as an XcelDefi ambassador can exceed the ones listed here. If you have other ideas or experiences of successfully promoting a project in different ways, get in touch. Or apply to XcelDefi Ambassador Program .

Check out the benefits of being an XcelDefi Ambassador

If you would like to become our Ambassador, follow this link and wait for our community manager to be in touch with the selected Ambassador.

Join our Community to further inquire about the project and get to know more about XcelLab:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XcelDefi

Telegram: https://t.me/XcelToken

Discord: https://discord.gg/acUKN6nCYa

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/xceldefi

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwGB8JGkh15KBV8a5NwsJA



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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.