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XcelDefi hits 50,000 token holders- Next Big BSC Gem to look out for

XcelDefi is the next-generation cryptocurrency built to disrupt the existing traditional financial ecosystem.

Built on Binance Smart Chain contracts, XcelDefi allows for crypto transactions at faster settlement, lower transaction fees, and a democratic distribution. The native token of Xcellab Ecosystem XLD has now reached 50,000 holders according to the BSC scan. We achieved the milestone because of the real-life use cases that it brings to the crypto community.

Some Impressive Benefits and Use Cases of XcelDefi:

XcelDei (XLD) has the largest use cases in the entire crypto & Defi sector. You can actually use and also earn from XcelDefi a decentralized token driven by the community and built by industry experts. XLD, being the native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem, now has more potential to rise than ever. It is a Gem you can stick with for years to come as it keeps evolving.

Book Hotels and Flights With XcelDefi

XcelDefi (XLD) can be used to book 2.3m+ hotels and 450+ flights on XcelTrip.com — a decentralized travel ecosystem for cryptocurrency travelers with over 500,000 active user bases worldwide. XcelTrip is the first crypto-friendly online travel booking platform established in 2016 in California, United States.

A community-driven token

XcelDefi (XLD) acts as the governance token of XcelSwap. XcelDefi holders can vote on the development or amendment of the XcelSwap project and can also submit governance proposals. This makes XLD a completely community-driven token. Being the governance token on XcelSwap, the XLD community can also stake, swap, and earn LP tokens on XcelSwap!

Earn Passive-Income

XcelDefi can be used for passive income by various methods on XcelSwap. Users can earn XcelDefi through liquidity mining and staking on pools. XcelDefi rewards its community members and investors for participating in liquidity mining programs. Also, XcelDefi Holders can stake XLD tokens on XcelSwap to earn more XLD Tokens!

Read about our ongoing giveaway of 1950 USDT here.

Social Media

XcelDefi has impressive growth and traction in all social media. It aims to grow the crypto community more by making people educated about blockchain and how they can benefit from the new technology.

XLD community is constantly growing. Our community includes:

More than 21 thousand members on Discord,

More than 50 thousand members on Telegram.

And, more than 57 thousand followers on XcelDefi Twitter handle!

Become a part of a thriving crypto-community! Follow us on our social media handles to get all recent project updates!



XcelLab has embarked on an ambitious journey to build an eco-system driven by blockchain technology, and crypto use-cases that are built to address the issues and gaps in the travel, hospitality and retail industry.

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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.