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XcelDefi (XLD) launches on BW Exchange

XcelDefi (XLD) — a BEP20 Token by Xcellab Ecosystem is launching on BW Exchange today!

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XcelDefi in XLD/USDT trading pair will be available on BW Exchange from 15th November onwards.

The XLD/USDT trading pair will be listed on BW exchange for $0.50.

Deposit time:10:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

Withdrawal time:10:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

Open Trading time:19:00 15/11/2021(UTC+8)

BW Exchange XLD/USDT Trading link : Trade here

About XcelDefi (XLD) Project

XcelDefi (XLD) is a novel token on Binance Smart Chain created with an intention to restructure the traditional financial ecosystem. XLD is a utility token which is making Defi accessible to all by lowering barriers to entry for newcomers seeking to join the world of Decentralised finance and cryptocurrency.

XLD is designed to bring the world of travel, crypto , Defi and investment together under the umbrella of Xcellab ecosystem.It is a native token of Xcellab Ecosystem that comprises XcelSwap-DEX, XcelTrip- a decentralized travel and booking platform, and XcelPay Wallet- a decentralised wallet to send, receive and store cryptos.

A community driven token based on Binance Smart Chain, by being a BEP-20 based token, it is based on the world’s fastest and most secure blockchain.

XcelDefi Use Cases

Participate in Liquidity Pool : Using XcelDefi (XLD) and XLD trading pairs, users can participate in DEX liquidity programs, and win reward tokens. XLD holders can participate in the XcelSwap liquidity pool and become a liquidity provider for which they can bag LP Tokens.

When an investor contributes toward providing liquidity to a certain Liquidity Pool (LP), they get LP tokens in reward. They can use that LP Token to Farm and get returns. XcelSwap provides XLD (governance token of XcelSwap) and a certain percent of the trading fees to the investors who are staking LP tokens.

Governance Token: XcelDefi is completely community-driven as the holders of XcelDefi have the right to vote in any development and contribute to the shaping of XcelSwap future. XcelDefi (XLD) community members can organise around a specific set of rules enforced by DAO smart contracts and vote for Xcellab Ecosystem project changes and amendments. By participating, voters can win a portion of proceeds from Xcellab Strategy.

Book Hotels and Airlines: Using XcelDefi (XLD), users can book over 2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines globally using XcelTrip Platform. Users can also win XLD as a reward by referring vendors, hoteliers, and air travel service providers to XcelTrip.

Claim XLD on XcelPay Wallet: XcelPay Wallet users can claim XLD on XcelPay Wallet. By enabling this feature, XLD becomes accessible to all. SImilarly, XLD can be used to top-up over 990 mobile carrier service in 190+ countries and buy gift cards directly from the app.

First time getting listed on Centralised Exchange

This is the first time XcelDefi (XLD) is getting listed on a centralised BW exchange. Users can reap benefits of trading XLD/USDT trading pairs on BW Exchange. Some of the prominent benefits would be:

  • Ease of transaction
  • Hassle free cross chain exchange
  • Lower Trading fees

Become a part of fostering crypto-community with XcelDefi Token (XLD)

Trade and Invest in XcelDefi (XLD), and become a part of fostering the crypto-community. XcelDefi (XLD) has a whooping 46000+ token holders based on BSCscan. The overall Xcellab Ecosystem currently comprises 200,000 plus community members, including XcelDefi, XcelSwap, XcelTrip and XcelPay Wallet Twitter community, and more are getting added everyday.

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Visit our website XcelDefi.com

Participate in XLD trading competition held by BW exchange and win exciting rewards in XcelDefi Token (XLD).

Read more here



XcelLab has embarked on an ambitious journey to build an eco-system driven by blockchain technology, and crypto use-cases that are built to address the issues and gaps in the travel, hospitality and retail industry.

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The XcelDeFi, powered by XcelLab Ecosystem, aims to build a decentralized digital product ecosystem backed by their native token, XLD.