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XcelPay Wallet : check out these amazing use cases

XcelPay Wallet is the most secure and reliable decentralized wallet to store cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency wallet supports both ERC-20 tokens and BEP-20 tokens. XcelPay Wallet is the official crypto wallet for cryptocurrencies like : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, FEGToken, Polygon, XinFin, BitcoinCah, SHIBA INU, Tether, ChainLink Token, BAT. Users can also send, receive and hold Xcellab’s native tokens XcelToken Plus (XLAB) and XcelDefi on XcelPay Wallet. At the same time is working on adding more blockchain projects to its network.

Built to meet innovative demands of fostering cryptocurrency, XcelPay Wallet provides users with great utility. There are essential use cases of XcelPay Wallet that you probably didn’t know.. Until now! Did you know you can….

You can top-up your mobile plan!

With the help of XcelPay Wallet, you can now utilise your cryptocurrency to top up your mobile carrier service. Recharge your mobile phone plan with cryptocurrency. The facility is available in 900 service carriers in 190+countries!

Book Travel Trips!

Using XcelPay Wallet to book your travels. Use this single app to book over 2.4 million hotels and 450 airline tickets on XcelTrip Decentralized travel platform.

Purchase gift cards

XcelPay Wallet enables you to buy more than 350 gift cards from major Global Brands! Users can use the cryptocurrency of their choice to purchase gift cards from over 350 travel, e-commerce and other service providers like PayTm, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more!

There are many other amazing use cases and features that are getting added on XcelPay Wallet very soon.. Like Buy Bitcoin & other cryptos from XcelPay Wallet, portfolio tracking. Along with SWAPing BTC to XLD we are adding several other SWAP pairs too.

XcelPay Wallet is available for download for both android and iOs users. Get the app today on Google Playstore and Appstore.



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