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Oskar Duris
Jan 26 · 2 min read
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After many platform and core updates to support more cryptocurrencies, we are releasing an invoicing system as a new feature, which was recently deployed to xDAC mainnet.

The invoicing system lets companies issue digital invoices to their customers and tracks their status. Invoices can be paid in XDAC, USDC, or USDT stable coins. Our focus is on supporting solely fiat-collateralized stable coins to ensure xDAC companies are not affected by the volatility of crypto markets. Therefore, we introduced a fiat-collateralized XDAC stable exchange rate pegged to the U.S. dollar with collateralization ration 1c USD per 1 XDAC. This rate will be applied to any company incoming and outgoing payment to guarantee the stability of company transactions and balances.

The generated invoice has a standard format, and there is no limit on how many invoices the company can issue. All invoices are recorded, and the history of invoices is available at all times to track invoice status.

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xDAC invoicing

The created invoice can be sent to the customer by email or by sharing the invoice URL link. The emailed invoice contains all payment details and the option to pay the balance instantly.

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Email invoice

xDAC generates a unique wallet address for each invoice so payment can be sent from any wallet or exchange. The invoice can be paid in multiple payments and combinations of various currencies. All non-XDAC payments will be auto-converted to XDAC coins by the XDAC stable exchange rate and transferred to the company account. Soon, xDAC companies will have an option to withdraw funds in other stable coins by using the same XDAC stable exchange rate.

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As soon as payment clears, invoice status changes to paid, and both the company and customer receive payment receipt with transaction details.
XDAC coin transactions are free and instant.


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