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Raju K
Nov 20, 2019 · 3 min read
Life Canvas — Painting an Agile Journey — Episode #2
Life Canvas — Painting an Agile Journey — Episode #2
Episode #2 Meet our first Super Hero: Curiosity

Episode #2 — Meet our first Super Hero — Curiosity

What are your answers for these images?

Do not search Internet first, try on your own. Nothing wrong in making a guess.

First image:

What is this? Are you curious to explore?
What is this? Are you curious to explore?

Second image:

Take your time, we are not in a hurry for your answers.

Don’t give up…. Keep trying.


According to vocabulary.com #Curiosity “is the state of being curious: inquisitive, wondering, ready to poke around and figure something out.”

Please be warned that I am not asking you to poke everywhere and figure something out.

Our first Super Hero

At the very early stages of our life — it is curiosity that introduces us to the fascinating, exciting new world around us. If as infants and kids we lack curiosity — we would not explore things around us, we would not be playful. Our parents may ultimately think — there is something is wrong with my kid — they are not normal like others etc. etc. etc.

As you already know — all Super Heroes (or Super Women also) you have heard, read about, saw in films — carry one quality — they are curious to know what is happening and fight the evil. If they lack the curiosity — how would they explore and do justice to their characterization?

We all have that Super Hero (or Heroine) in all of us — right from our infant days. Only thing is as we grow, different circumstances and the people with whom we interact — our teachers, our seniors, our relatives, our colleagues, our bosses — can either increase or decrease your curiosity.

Why curiosity is important?

Now that you know what is Curiosity — can you guess why it is important (particularly) in Software Development world?

Let us see with an example.

You are a Software Developer. You are looking at a piece of code that someone else has written. You are supposed to modify it to introduce a new feature customer is asking.

Can you think of what kind of questions would come to your mind in this situation — that helps you to be curious:

Why code was written like this earlier?

What could be the reason for writing code like this earlier

What changes I am going to make without breaking this existing code’s intended functionality?

Can I make it better i.e. optimize it or refactor it — as it was written some time ago?

Are you seeing the benefits of these questions? Are they helping you to open up, explore uncharted territories? See the big picture? Ultimately become better Software Developer?

If you have answered “yes” to any one of these questions — you are surely curious.

How to develop your curiosity?

7 Tips for being curious
7 Tips for being curious

I have presented 7 tips for you to stay curious. These tips are inspired and adapted from this article.

The life connection

We should be curious throughout our life. As we grow older, unfortunately curiosity may die a natural death. In our old age, our own children may find our curiosity too much irritating etc. But what ever, if you are curious you will discover more, you will explore the bigger picture.

Stay Curious, my dear readers.

Catch you in next episode where I will introduce you to Be like the Bee.

Bye for now.

Unlock your curiosity for first 2 images here

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