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We are thrilled to announce the education arm of Xend Finance, Xend Finance Academy, providing educational articles and videos on blockchain and DeFi to help onboard millions of non-crypto savvy users to the DeFi and Xend Finance ecosystem.

Visit Xend Finance Academy here: https://learn.xend.finance/

At Xend Finance, our core mission is bringing DeFi opportunities to underserved regions, where many people including Cooperatives and Credit unions have never interacted with blockchain, cryptocurrency, or DeFi. We know education would be critical and have taken up the challenge to bring education closer to these people.

First, partnering with one of the largest cryptocurrency education platforms in Africa to organise online and physical events for Cooperatives in Africa. Our first physical event with Cooperatives and professionals was a huge success, with leaders and members of Cooperative organisations in Nigeria joining physically and hundreds of others watching online.

Watch the full recap of the event here:

Now, we have created a platform in-house where anyone, anywhere in the world can learn all about everything related to blockchain and finance.

You can learn about the basics of DeFi and how to use the key tools in the DeFi space like Metamask.

And there’s something in it for you too. You can contribute to the academy with articles and videos in your own language and get a chance to win a reward at the end of each month.

To start contributing to Xend Finance Academy today, read the submission guidelines here: https://learn.xend.finance/guest-post-guidelines/

Join our communities to stay up-to-date with our education plans and how you can get involved: Telegram channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.



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