Xenio: Basic Client Overview


The Xenio blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and serverless application, so there is no centralized database to be hacked or taken offline.

All screenshots are proof-of-concept, pre-release mockups showcasing the design of store. We are not endorsed by nor do we have any specific partnership these game publishers. Product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Game Distribution and Publishing

Xenio’s decentralized and open source infrastructure enables powerful game management and distribution options with its built-in storefront that uses smart contracts for game purchasing.

Secure P2P Chat and Friend Management

The Xenio Client features a simple to use friend management system and secure, real time, decentralized chat application.

Built-in Full Node Wallet

The initial Xenio client will include a full node wallet, which means it will be slightly heavier than a normal client. Eventually we will provide light nodes to ensure anyone can participate in the network. All users with the Xenio client running can get a small amount of free XNO coins (generated from the small transaction fees generated by network transactions), which are distributed to the wallets automatically — just for helping keep the network distributed.


Users can import a game to their library, and the Xenio Client will show the list of available servers based on a customizable set of filters such as latency, number of active players, game mode, etc.

More Coming Soon

This is just a basic overview of the Xenio Client. More features are planned, and we will keep the community informed as development continues.