Xenio Blockchain

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Xenio is a distributed, decentralized, open source gaming platform. Xenio runs on its own dedicated blockchain, optimized for gaming. The open source blockchain and client code will be publicly available on Github before the crowdsale begins. Xenio uses a novel adaptation of Proof of Stake called Proof of Networking (PoN), where the platform allows you to mine coins by operating multiplayer gaming servers.

Xenio Blockchain (Proof-of-Networking)

The Xenio blockchain client is run primarily on game servers, but anyone who wishes to run a full network node may help the network by installing a node of their own. Due to the public nature of the blockchain, all game asset ownership data can be made publicly visible, enabling open, sortable statistical analyses for features such as leaderboards, contests, tournaments, matchmaking, and achievements in a provably fair way.

The Xenio blockchain is built with the following features:

  • Runs on a code fork of go-ethereum with a custom Proof-of-Stake implementation
  • Open source blockchain daemon code written in Golang
  • 1-second primary blocks with classical staking for connected clients
  • 20-minute superblocks for game server stake rewards based on Proof-of-Networking
  • All full nodes are eligible for transaction fee reward sharing on primary blocks
  • All game server nodes are eligible for stake rewards on superblocks
  • Superblock staking reward formula is based on the number of connected players times the number of coins staked on the server, as a percentage of all other servers’ shares.
  • The number of new coins minted per block also varies with the current difficulty level
  • All Xenio clients will be full nodes initially, with light clients planned for a future release
  • A plugin system to allow 3rd party integration for extensibility


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