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Weekly Update #10

Happy Holidays X-Force!!!

We hope you had a great Christmas holiday with your beloved family and friends. All team members of XFai wish that every community member the warmest and happiest days come as you continue your journey with us. Rest assured we have been doing what every supporter deserves: Making the DEX, refining the code, and gearing up for 2022.

Here are the latest updates from our team.

Staking Contract Launch

We have quickly realized that deployment for the end of December is highly unlikely. The contracts are ready, but we are still waiting for the completion of an audit. It’s the holiday season after all. Let’s hope we get a positive response as early in January as possible.


That said, even with an audit, we would have delayed the launch after the first week of January anyway. The UI experience has to be right and things still need to get a bit ironed out. This delay essentially happened because of the additional off-chain DevOps infrastructure that NFTs require. The good news is that the UI draft is completed — the web3 functionality of the UI, as well as the off-chain DevOps infrastructure integration, is working nicely. We will also support multiple wallets from the start of the staking launch. Now that the Web3 part and DevOps part of the UI is done, all that is left is the elimination of edge-case scenarios from within the UI, i.e. any frontend related issues.


Now that the staking smart contract and functionality integration (Web3 + DevOps) part is completed, we can put our focus back to the DEX development. We are planning to perform some changes inside the DEX core contract (related to gas efficiency and liquidity provisioning), before continuing our work on the DEX periphery contract.

From Day 1 till now, we remain focused, hungry, and eager to launch our product.

As we wrap up 2021, we are truly grateful for the support from all our community members. This would not have been possible without you.The XFai team acknowledges that there is no XFai without X-Force. We are once more grateful that you have joined our journey and confident that the year 2022 will become the year where we grow eXponentially.

Thank you and happy holidays!

About XFai

XFai develops tooling for the DeFi space, graphing it to build game-changing products. The XFai DEX is set to invite mid and small-cap tokens to start earning APY on their token holdings. We are aiming to become industry-first in providing a more efficient, transparent, and fair way for everyone to get involved at an early stage. The LGE for XFai’s native token, XFIT, was launched on 16th April 2021. We invite everyone to join the DeFi revolution, spearheaded by XFai.

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The ultimate automated trading platform for DeFi. Get the best swaps & rewards through Xfai’s entangled liquidity pools.

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XFai develops tooling for the DeFi space – we graph the DeFi space to build game-changing products. Starting with the DLO: the DEX Liquidity Oracle

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