XFAI x FlashPad — Linea launchpads to bolster XFAI’s ecosystem with new and nascent projects

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3 min readJan 31, 2024



  • XFAI partners with FlashPad — a newly launched decentralized exchange (DEX) and launchpad solution on Linea, with a future view to bring new projects to XFAI upon the delivery of FlashPad’s launchpad feature.
  • FlashPad intend to become a force within the Linea ecosystem. By teaming up, XFAI is establishing a new medium of project onboarding onto XFAI’s exchange, with newly launched and soon to launch projects flocking to XFAI due to the unique benefits offered through XFAI’s revolutionary architecture.

Launchpads to augment XFAI’s liquidity library

FlashPad has recently launched on the Linea Ecosystem, first introducing their DEX — with plans to build out further products including a launchpad. It is this launchpad with which XFAI will be working closely with to onboard exciting projects to the XFAI DEX, deepening the liquidity on XFAI, bolstering the token offering available to traders, and increasing fees generated for Infinity NFT (iNFT) holders.

These projects in return will get access to concentrated liquidity through XFAI’s deep pools and get better price discovery for their token. This deep liquidity; combined with having to commit less start up capital to create pools due to XFAI’s elimination of token pairings (thus only requiring one pool to be set up to allow for new tokens to be seamlessly traded with all other tokens on XFAI), minimal slippage, the lowest DEX gas fees on Linea, better returns for the project’s LPs and better swap rates for potential token holders, makes XFAI an obvious choice for new projects on Linea to choose as their primary DEX partner.

For FlashPad, aligning with XFAI as their DEX partner for upcoming launches means that they can strengthen their offerings when providing guidance and direction to new projects coming to Linea, and drive them to generate successful token launches knowing that their token economy will thrive with the benefits that come from listing on XFAI over other DEXes.

“XFAI’s intention is to strengthen the Linea Ecosystem by bringing the benefits that our architecture offers to the widest number of projects possible. Working with launchpads is core to introducing XFAI to the wealth of diverse projects who are establishing or planning to establish themselves on Linea and onboarding their tokens onto XFAI, and to XFAI becoming the pinnacle of trading on Consensys’ chain.”

Taulant Ramabaja, Chief Scientist, XFAI

By establishing a partnership now, XFAI and FlashPad will create a seamless process for onboarding new projects once FlashPad’s launchpad is introduced. Joining forces early allows both teams to deeply understand the benefits and efficiencies XFAI provides for token launches. When projects first engage with FlashPad about launching on their platform, they will already have in-depth knowledge of integrating with XFAI’s exchange and architecture. This forward-thinking collaboration will facilitate smooth token launches and unlock XFAI’s advantages from the very start of discussions.

This partnership also carves out a new direction through which XFAI will onboard new tokens and liquidity onto the exchange — by working with all of the launchpads within the Linea ecosystem and forging long lasting partnerships which will see the adoption of XFAI by blossoming projects continue to increase. As always, the DeFi revolution marches forward, and XFAI stays poised for action. Viva La XForce!

About FlashPad
Flashpad is building an ecosystem on Linea, powered by FlashPad products including a DEX & Launchpad on the Linea chain.



About XFAI

XFAI is a new breed of Decentralized Exchange with a new double weighted constant market maker design, enabling better swaps for all tokens & better returns for stakers & LPs. XFAI solves the problem of fragmented liquidity, with singular token pools for assets, meaning concentrated liquidity, thanks to unique architecture which enables every token to be immediately swappable with every other token in a single hop swap, with minimal slippage and better price discovery for long tail tokens.

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