XFAI x OpenOcean — Aggregator integrations to accelerate XFAI adoption

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4 min readJan 16, 2024



XFAI partners with OpenOcean — a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) Aggregator on Linea which allows users to get the best rates on swaps by aggregating liquidity across numerous sources.

OpenOcean is plugged into premier applications across the Web3 space including MetaMask and TrustWallet. When OpenOcean users trade on the aggregated DEX platform or via wallets, swaps will be routed through XFAI to take advantage of superior swap rate and competitive fee prices offered by XFAI’s unique DEX.

This collaboration will help drive volume and fees to XFAI by leveraging OpenOcean’s reach over the expanding Linea ecosystem.

Optimizing swaps across the seas of Web3

Example whereby XFAI is chosen as the optimal route when swapping ETH > wBTC

OpenOcean is a leading DEX aggregator that operates across over 30 chains, and is working with XFAI to bring better swap rates to users across Linea. With over 3.5M transactions and 1M active traders on their platform OpenOcean offers the best swap rates by aggregating liquidity pools across multiple DEXs.

Given OpenOcean’s long standing integrations with popular wallets — including MetaMask, Brave, Coinbase and more — who all utilize OpenOcean as a router for their in wallet swaps, millions of DeFi users will be able to leverage XFAI’s superior performance when carrying out swaps on Linea in their wallet. By partnering with OpenOcean, XFAI is establishing a key framework for widespread adoption when Linea sees inevitable growth in the coming months, with millions of traders being able to swap through XFAI from the comfort of their wallet.

By aligning OpenOcean’s best-in-class aggregation services with XFAI’s leading on-chain performance as a DEX, this partnership creates a powerful engine for swap execution. As the leading DEX on Linea, XFAI has already built significant liquidity pools for major tokens like wETH, wBTC, USDC, STONE, and XFIT. More tokens are joining these deep liquidity pools soon.

Together, OpenOcean and XFAI can provide Linea users with access to deep liquidity and optimized token swap rates in one seamless solution — and as more traders flock to Linea’s low-fee environment during future bull cycles, XFAI’s superior efficiency and liquidity will make it the go-to platform for swap execution.

“Aggregators are key to XFAI’s adoption and to the wider adoption of DeFi on Linea. By allowing users to trade from their wallets and across numerous applications utilizing the OpenOcean aggregator, they are unlocking the powers of XFAI for a new audience and introducing waves of new users to the wealth of opportunities within the DeFi sphere”

  • Taulant Ramabaja, Chief Scientist, XFAI

“We firmly believe in the importance of open and fair access to liquidity for a thriving crypto market, irrespective of the blockchain. OpenOcean is proud to support such a wide gamut of projects and our latest addition, XFAI, promises to assist in elevating those on-chain value based experiences our community has grown to love. We will continue to seek further ways to cooperate with the XFAI team and make liquidity accessibility even easier and more available to all those who demand it.

  • Guy Polio, BD Growth Team, OpenOcean

By tapping into OpenOcean’s expansive user base, XFAI expands its reach to traders across numerous wallets and applications. At the same time, integrating XFAI gives OpenOcean the best Linea swap rates to offer its users. While the full benefits of this partnership will likely come later as Linea adoption grows, this initial integration lays the groundwork for XFAI’s future success. With OpenOcean’s aggregation services and wallet integrations now unlocked, XFAI has a blueprint for driving volume and cementing itself as the backbone of Linea’s burgeoning DeFi landscape.

This integration signals meaningful progress, but it’s only one milestone in XFAI’s continuing mission to push the boundaries of DeFi innovation on Linea. As always, the DeFi revolution marches forward, and XFAI remains on the front lines. Viva La XForce!

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is a leading DEX Aggregator, a cross-chain swap aggregator, and Web3 middleware developer in the crypto space, offering a suite of tools across 30+ networks and 1000+ deep liquidity sources. OpenOcean is building a one-stop trading platform, to bring users the best swap returns on their decentralised crypto trading journey.

Website: https://openocean.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenOceanGlobal
Medium: https://medium.com/@openoceanfinance
Telegram: https://t.me/OOFinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/C7PHQaKdNX

About XFAI

XFAI is a new breed of Decentralized Exchange with a new double weighted constant market maker design, enabling better swaps for all tokens & better returns for stakers & LPs. XFAI solves the problem of fragmented liquidity, with singular token pools for assets, meaning concentrated liquidity, thanks to unique architecture which enables every token to be immediately swappable with every other token in a single hop swap, with minimal slippage and better price discovery for long tail tokens.

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