xAKRO IEO Sells Out in 15 Minutes

xFutures Team
Jul 15 · 3 min read

Update: xAKRO is now trading on xFutures here: https://www.xfutures.io/spot/trade#product=xakro_eth

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that the xFutures team would like to announce that our July 14th IEO for xAKRO future tokens for the Akropolis project sold out in 15 minutes!

After great anticipation from the xFutures community, we decided to start the IEO at a price of 0.000015 ETH ($0.004).

xAKRO IEO Session for XFT Stakers

The xAKRO IEO session was opened exclusively to participants in the XFT staking program. Stakers received a special password to join the live webinar before the IEO session started. Only those community members that staked ETH or FTM were able to attend the exclusive IEO webinar.

Although we had plans to allow the general public to join the IEO, all xAKRO tokens were sold out before this was possible.

Due to intense traffic and overwhelming demand, we experienced some technical difficulties where some participants saw no supply when it was their turn in line. Our tech team was on standby and was able to fix the issues to allow the sale to continue. This resulted in the sale time lasting 15 minutes which we believe would have closed much quicker if this situation did not occur.

We would also like to apologize to those from our community that weren’t able to buy xAKRO tokens due to this technical problem. We are working hard to improve our systems for our next IEO.

The Akropolis Team

Before the IEO started, the Akropolis team joined our Telegram channel. Some community members were surprised that we welcomed them into the channel even though they did not agree with our xAKRO futures token sale. We believe that our community should have the right to hear the opinions of anyone including the Akropolis team and are thankful for their presence so the community can decide whether they would like to participate or not.

Trading Cheaper

After the successful launcher that, in spite of the technical challenges, took only 15 minutes to sell out, we opened trade for the pair xAKRO/ETH on xFutures.io.

You can take buy xAKRO right now through the link: https://www.xfutures.io/spot/trade#product=xakro_eth

Also note that, even though in other exchanges Future AKRO tokens are being traded at $0.05, on xFutures.io you can have it for only $0.01~0.02. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry before more people find about it and price increases!

Moving Forward

In the near future, xFutures is planning more exciting Launcher Events and innovative assets. As of now, we would also like to invite those who haven’t yet staked with us for XFT token to get themselves ready because the next round is also coming! ;).

Also, if you haven’t joined our Telegram Channel yet, do so now by following this link: https://t.me/xFutures and don’t miss anything!


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