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CryptoMentor99 goes on a road trip around the US — bringing XinFin to your doorstep

Cryptomentor99, XinFin supporter

XinFin’s power as a hybrid-blockchain ecosystem will change business processes, blockchain creation and hosting, fiat and crypto integration, as well as global financial inclusion. It’s no surprise that Roger Ver added his voice about the power of XinFin’s platform in creating real-world use cases that enable economic freedom around the world. And now, you can also share in the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ dream about the future of XinFin

CryptoMentor99 is bringing all these benefits that XinFin provides to your doorsteps in the United States. The crypto YouTuber is on a road trip around the United States. During this trip, he will talk extensively about how XinFin is creating a crypto-fiat wallet for all around the world, how XinFin’s hybrid blockchain system will help individuals and businesses to build and administer their decentralized applications, as well as XinFin’s roadmap to changing the global project financing models for the better. Cryptomentor99, who has been in the cryptosphere for a long time will be sharing his experiences and how he discovered this excellent hybrid blockchain solution.

For all individuals & participants

The seven to ten days road trip will educate participants about cryptocurrencies and how XinFin is revolutionizing financial inclusion. For investors, this is a chance to join cryptomentor99’s bandwagon to learn about how the hybrid blockchain ecosystem will help you make a difference in the future. For individuals, it’s not been easy finding a real-world cryptocurrency that does the job well — integrating with current systems, used together with fiat, low fee transactions, and financial inclusion. This is your time to join the XinFin craze and change the world.

Cryptomentor99 will make a lot of stops on the way. From Florida to California to Orlando, you can join the change yourself. Also, if you are not sure Cryptomentor99 will make it to your city, you can give him a call and he will make a stop and help you get started on the revolutionary global financing hybrid blockchain system. Cryptomentor99 will also be handing out XinFin’s poker chips to participants.

For local cryptocurrency groups, blockchain community associations, and ICOs meetups, this is also the chance to invite Cryptomentor99 to your city or local community so he can help you learn more about XinFin.

What does XinFin Do?

XinFin is a hybrid blockchain system and the first of its kind to create multiple, globally oriented use cases for everybody. The XDC Wallet allows individuals and businesses to store and use both cryptocurrencies and fiat. Its blockchain ecosystem is also used to build decentralized applications. TradeFinex is another project which leverages assets tokenization to help create a crowdfunding ecosystem for public projects. These systems by XinFin are the answer to growing pains in the global economy, including the unbanked population, the difficulties businesses and individuals face in using fiat and crypto or integrating blockchain with currently available business processes, and public sector’s difficulty in securing funding for important projects.

These are areas XinFin has focused with excellent solutions and this road trip will get everybody excited.

Join Cryptomentor99 for a decentralized future brought to you by XinFin

Day I of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Stay tuned for more updates here or you can also visit Cryptomentor99’s YouTube channel: to stay updated.

Cryptomentor99 at Missouri Southern State University

Walking around campus asking people about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Cryptomentor99 at Rogers State University

Young adults seem interested in cryptocurrency. Crypto is the future.

Day II of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Stopped by another college Southeastern Oklahoma State University on Day 2 of my 14 day Crypto Road Trip.

Met this Navy veteran on Day 2.

Met this Navy veteran on Day 2 of my 14 Day Crypto Road Trip.

New Crypto Convert

Met newest Crypto Convert. It was a good day!!

Cryptomentor99 with new Crypto Friends
Cryptomentor99 with new Crypto Friends

It was a wonderful crypto dinner with new crypto friends. They are both XinFin experts!! Cryptomentor99 learned so much!!

Day III of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 at Lone Star College Kingwood East Entrance
Cryptomentor99 at Lone Star College North Harris

Another wonderful day driving around Houston, Texas. Cryptomentor99 can talk cryptos all day long!!

Cryptomentor99 with Brian
Brain with XinFin Tshirt

Another new crypto friend in Houston. Cryptomentor99 was so impressed with Brian’s knowledge of cryptocurrency. He loves XinFin.

Day IV of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Day V of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 at University of North Texas

Many decades ago Cryptomentor99 almost did some graduate work at this school, it was fun to talk cryptos here.

Cryptomentor99 at North Central Texas College

Another adventure on 14 Day Crypto Road Trip through Texas.

Cryptomentor99 with Jesus

The wonderful opportunity to meet some incredible people during 14 Day Crypto Road Trip. Jesus is a new Crypto Friend of mine.

Day VI of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 at Crypto Road Trip

Crypto Road Trip talk about cryptocurrency for long time.

Day VII of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Day VIII of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Day IX of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 at Graceland University.
Cryptomentor99 at Drake University.

Cryptomentor99 enjoyed the college students visit at Drake.

Day X of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 with Rich at the right

Cryptomentor99 with Rich, a new crypto convert and he’ll be investing in XinFin.

Day XI of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 met a homeless man, asked him about cryptocurrency. He was well aware of bitcoin and litecoin. Cryptomentor99 was surprised & had a great crypto conversation.

Cryptomentor99 at Olivet College
Cryptomentor99 at right with Emerson at left

Day XII of Cryptomentor99 Trip:

Cryptomentor99 Cab for the Crypto Road Trip

Its day 12 of 14 Day Crypto Road Trip. Reflecting on the last few days. Cryptomentor99 living my dream!! The dream of playing a very small part of the early days of cryptos.

Cryptomentor99 at Michigan State University
Cryptomentor99 with cryptoblood

Today cryptomentor99 talk about cryptos for 2 hours with the wellknown Crypto personality , cryptoblood.

Day XIII of Cryptomentor99 Trip:



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