Enabling Easy Integration of ERP or CRM System With XinFin Blockchain

Apr 24 · 3 min read

XinFin, a hybrid enterprise blockchain for global trade and finance, announced its new feature to help enterprises create loyalty tokens or Reward Points. This announcement comes at a time when the use cases of blockchain for enterprises seemed to have started reaching a saturation point. What’s exciting is that enterprises can now setup decentralized loyalty tokens on the XinFin Network completely hasslefree, and in a matter of a few clicks. This also provides a universal solution for businesses who are planning to embark on a robust lead building program instead of cost-generating programs all based on simple loyalty.

Along with this, XinFin also promises an easy plug-in for the Customer Loyalty Programs into an existing ERP or CRM system. This feature ensures the ease of interoperability and integration of existing ERP and CRM system with the XinFin blockchain, which means that it cuts down the cost and time to build a new system around the existing one.

The creation and deployment of customer rewards program have never been easier, nor has been the integration of an existing system with a blockchain.

The step by step guide to create and deploy loyalty tokens:

  1. Go to https://mycontract.co/ to create and deploy a loyalty smart contract on a public network
  2. Set up a XinFin Masternode by following the steps mentioned here.
  3. Install Dependencies. Download Nodejs and npm if you don’t have them
  4. Download Ready Script File, Learn API Command to Manage Loyalty Token with your ERP/CRM System.

XinFin Masternodes

XinFin is a hybrid, interoperable, and liquid enterprise-ready network that aims at reducing the cost of running a network or building private sub-networks. It is backed by Delegated proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus that establishes singularity of validator/full nodes. This makes XinFin a more democratic, trustworthy, self-sustainable, and stable network. Masternodes on the network can

  • build a reputation
  • enhance their reliability
  • add up on their incentive gains and
  • attain the capability to develop their own DApp or use case on the network

Institutions looking forward to reaping these benefits can setup KYC enforced XinFin (TestNet) Masternodes by clicking here.


XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Network harnesses the power of its dApp, TradeFinex, an open standard protocol for global trade and finance. It enables the interoperability and liquidity of financial instruments, hence reducing counterparty risks. It is an Open API platform that has initiated a consortium with open invitations to address peer-to-peer trade finance and tokenization of real-world assets. TradeFinex invites Global Public Investors (GPIs), regulators, fintech companies, and financial & government institutions for the same.

To be a part of this change as a Proof-of-Concept Consortium founding member, please click here.

About XinFin

XinFin is an open source enterprise-ready Hybrid Blockchain for Global Trade and Finance.

XinFin network capabilities allow all types of enterprises to connect their legacy systems with a Blockchain Network via XDC Protocol and messaging compatible with ISO20022 standard. It combines the power of Public and Private Blockchains with interoperable smart contracts. XinFin is fully EVM compatible. For more information on XinFin, please visit www.xinfin.org or learn more about XinFin in this video.

Useful link for XinFin Masternode

Steps to Setup Masternode on XinFin MainNet

XinFin Mobile Wallet

XinFin Web Wallet

Steps to resign master node

Step by step guide to issue your own token on XinFin network

Step by step guide to swap token on XinFin network

Guide to setup node with one click installer

Watch the video to Setup XinFin Masternode with One-Click installer

Follow XinFin on:

Twitter: ( @ ) XinFin_Official

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xinfin/

Telegram: https://t.me/xinfintalk

Telegram Support: https://t.me/joinchat/GeOl40UaNJPlFLNwSvu9cQ

Github: https://github.com/XinFinOrg/Loyalty-Token


XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform


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XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform.



XinFin [XDCE] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform

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